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A generous country: a week of the handle

With the talent of Mamo Gutiérrez, Barilochense actor with a nonsense humor, we will review reality and Argentine delirium weekly. First chapter boleadora in hand.

As we are

Several times we said that Argentina is a generous country, but there was a missing look made images with our decontractured and positive style.  With the series “Un pís generoso” by actor and social communicator Manuel Gutiérrez Arana, Patagonian known on the tables as Mamo, news from the last seven days will leave a smile and a reflection on every play . In the manner of the glorious abstracts of Tato Bores and “La Noticia Rebelde”, with a hint of the speed of the  late night  Americans who knew how to move Roberto Pettinato to local tv, Mamo disarms the national thread and in each crumb, between his fingers, successes and mistakes are drained by the Argentines. Achievements and defeats made Faces and Faces, figures and figurants of the celestial and white pericon, all dance one that we all know.  They parade the big headlines of a great comedy, which many times if it wasn't stained with tragedies, would be part of new episodes of “Waiting for the float” Three empanadas, please.  

 In the first installment our customs in pandemic derive to the typical argenta mania of  summer  with  people around  millimeters, on beaches or mountains “up to the handle ” Hence a “chub of culture” of Mamo, and where does the famous phrase &ldquo come from ; as a ball without handle”, in an acknowledgment of how much we owe in the popular language to  gauchos . The ever-sought after sports chronicle, and a scientific proposal to determine the legitimate heirs of  Maradona,  close a lap  so you have to know about the first days. iacute; ace of 2021 . Several phrases will surely bounce on your head longer than it fits “a rocket in a basket” Because everything remains in memory, said León Gieco “A generous country” by Mamo, exclusively on,  helps you understand and want a country full of good things and nice people. Even if you don't think it's when you notice so many without blunder on the street.

 Who is Mamo Gutiérrez?  

“ I spent it imagining situations. I was telling my friends and family that I had called Susana Giménez or was selected by “Videomatch” to work on the program. When I wanted I could cry easily. I knew how to cry. I don't know how but   he knew how to do it,” Mamo remembered colleague Nicolás Malpede, in the prelude to the 2019 premiere of his first one-man “Tired of thinking” in Bariloche, the city of childhood. This great imaginator studied in Buenos Aires and worked in journalism until he went on the adventure of touring the world. Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba and Honduras were landmarks of an initial journey that found him with the love of Lucia (“Luli”), mother of his daughters Flora and Alfonsina. Many of these experiences was dumped by Mamo in two memorable Tedx talks.

Again in Argentina, in 2013 he decided to return to the landscapes of childhood as a family. And turn fully to his great passion, his place in the world, the theater. He is currently a reference of the Patagonian artistic community with “Tranqui 120”, along with Emilia Linardi and Rodolfo Fernández, a trio of theater, humor and music. He also integrates “Baco Compañía Teatral”, the comic duo “Los Hermanos Newbery” and works in local media.  An acting work that was recognized by the National Theatre Institute (INT) when the play he starred, “Hamlet. Inheritance of meat”  

“I try to make people laugh and to reflect on the functioning of society and human beings. We all want to laugh, even out of necessity. We are attracted to pleasure, whether sexual or gastronomic for example. Laughter gives pleasure. There are few emotions that can compete with him,” said Mamo in the quoted report on  Vermú and papa frita, and I put “A generous country” by Mamo.

Publication Date: 12/01/2021

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