Ser Argentino. All about Argentina

A generous country, a superclassic full of positivism

Positivism to get ahead, all lung, with restrictions, no export. And sing, Alejandro, that in Argentina is always to start over.

 By Mariano Oropeza 


You have all the information about Argentina in “ A generous country” , with our MC Mamo Gutierrez Do you want the latest number of COVID-19 cases in the country? iacute; s? Or what measures will the beloved municipality you live, where you religiously pay taxes? The last fight between the government and the opposition? Albert versus the Peeling? What time is the horn or the march? None of all this you will find in “A generous country”, so don't waste time if you want metadata, and I followed with other notes on, a federal and positive look that turns three years this May 25th   It's been three years, friends, thank you! Month by month we build together a different platform, where your opinion matters, and we bring out the best of Argentines for the world. And something good of us is the humor, healthy and spicy, that drips like a  rich empanada of humita jujeña  in “A generous country ”, or another way that today does not take you put as the pandemic at the river squad. Guys, what were you doing? Ahem...

In the week that  Millo scratched the feat in the Bombonera , with an uncontracted goalkeeper who covered three hand to hand Carlos Tévez, champion ol and reached glory with Enzo Pérez in the arch, and the invaluable collaboration of Colombian defenders, nobody stopped talking about Gallardo's directors.  Whether you're from Boca or Racing or Truckers, I'm sure you watched last Wednesday's game for football morbo. There you were waiting for Enzo to become a hero or meme . Historic players offered to play the Copa Libertadores match, with the love high for their club, and the prepaid fee, or social work, a day. Beto Alonso promised the famous orange ball to dazzle the coffee growers, just as he did with  Loco Gatti . And the Duck Fillol the gloves that stopped the shots of the Dutch, in the final of the 78 World Cup. And the Ogre Fabbiani is the thousands of Shreck masks he has in the garage.


 No more, Mirtha 

Putting a handbrake to jokes about the venerable Lady of Television, handheld because hydraulic had not been invented in the 900, sorry, guys, last time;  in the last few days two valuable findings were made for the heritage of the Argentines. One was the recovery in a field near Mar del Plata of countless stolen objects , including sculptures of very ancient squares and signage posters, plus a number of relics such as lead soldiers from various provenances, and bells of old colonial churches.  Another meant the incredible discovery of a dam in Catamarca for almost a thousand years, and before the invasion of the Incas,  who supposedly were until now the first in America to apply these technologies, and which allowed the flourishing of agriculture and trade Aboriginal . So when they talk about Europe bringing us civilization, send them back with the carabels, and contals of the catamarquean diaguitas.  

And at the close of the twentieth delirious horseback ride of a land of sun, plain, desert, mountain and chachachá, Mamo pulls hard data, it's for you, Nelson, and  comments on the closure of meat exports. A measure that turns 100 years with the same proven ineffectiveness as always, comrades.   Because as any countryman knows, or gurí, the fault is not the chancho, in this case the  vaquita, which is not ours, is alien , but of the one who feeds him. It doesn't matter if it's pasture or Feedlot. “To unwire,” said the yoruga Viglietti.

Rating: 5.00/5.