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A generous country, a mensa metaphor

The second week of January presented by Memo Gutiérrez. Everything you need to know, and what not, in the news summary

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 

 And 2021 came. That looks a lot like  2020 , eye to the louse.  The old national manias reappear in granites roasted by the January sun.  Memo Gutierrez surf the highlights of the  week  and puts the magnifying glass of humor in COVID19 times . In “A generous country” we started with that friend of the soul, the pandemic, and the country that again stumbles upon the same stone a thousand times when were the prohibitions or proscriptions useful in the young Argentine history? It was forbidden to name Rosas and they made all rosisas. Peron was forbidden and they made all Peronists. Night parties were banned and thousands of Argentines went underground.   And not only young people, now public enemies number one, but renowned politicians organize meetings of more than 70 people. In broad daylight. And veneer in the bathroom. Oh, get it, you want to know who kisses, give it play!

In the Sdrech section becomes Agent 86, one of the greatest achievements of our police was the arrest of animal trafficates.  200 parrots were seized in order to protect our environment, always in danger by human greed, crocodile kills wallet  Last minute! In hours it is expected the declaration of one of the parrots waiting to coincide with the other 199. Among them there is the lorority,  free bird.  

The ones that sell it changed to you are the big media, and Memo helps us reread the headlines. In the week it was a catastrophe that a giant meteor would destroy the planet with a power of 150 atomic bombs model Hiroshima 1945.  If it's not COVID, it's a meteorite, that's all friends.   But NASA guys loosen to rewind the VHS with Bruce Willis saving the planet in “Armageddon.” Bruce would rather hard kill at Christmas, before the vitel toné. And kids , googlen, but  VHS  is not a venereal disease.  

While River and Boca dreamed of going around Rio de Janeiro, and now they look fondly at the little street of Parque Lezama, we were surprised by the riots and unrest in a republiqueta called the United States of America. These days the Capitol looks like the “Independence Day” set but with Viking Republicans instead of aliens, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was laughing at us in 2003 on a note with Marley!

At all pace, and chiquipum chiquipum, we throw out the scoop of the week. Alert would put the news signals . Stop the press would say Gordo Mesa to his faithful Della Nata, I belong to Gianni.   All we have to say is that it involves Susana Gimenez and dogs. Lots of sand. Airplanes and  glamour . Capable of some champagne and premium canine. In the rest we leave it at your discretion, Karina Olga.

 The Argentinian of the Week 

In this new section of “Un país generoso”, or we tell you the good things about Argentina that other colleagues do not stand out and/or dismiss, we chose the story of  Cristian Firmapaz, the pulpero of Las Grutas, Río Negro.   The humble fisherman of Patagonian beach El  Sótano removed a country's solidarity ties with its tenacity and work culture  . On board a rusty fiftieth anniversary F100, Cristian, the third generation of pulperos, walks the shores looking for his family's livelihood and, by the way, helps those who are stranded on the dunes.   Firmapaz  seems like a metaphor that stimulates the question we Argentines need, La Paz, where should we sign?  

Ah! And the thing about mensa wouldn't be a tribute to Chavo del 8 -release Chespirito on TV! Mensa alludes to the table of King Arthur, which set everyone up without social distinction, ideological or political or religious prejudices. Let's be small, please.

Publication Date: 18/01/2021

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