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A generous country, a line that does not cut you

Surfing the second wave, and interconnecting the distant galaxies, Mamo augers to la Ruabarrena news about a week that is not a chanza, Suck it.

 By Mariano Oropeza 


 An Argentinean goes into space and it's all said. After that there is little left for us to plant a flag. Here I start to count, the Vatican, the bowels of the Earth and the Justice League, with Maradona unleashing Flash. Because Barry Allen got away with the turtle.   But let's go back to this astral plane and call our galactic inter-ultra-mega-guachi-wow base on Cerro Uritorco. Together with Captain Beto, let's climb the Stéreo Cerati, and between the balls of the universe, without dividing, hold Sumo, and find the route to Argentina. Because the entry/exit is not Ezeiza but depends, it can be the Pan American in Capital, or Route 9 in Rosario. That was always close as  “A generous country.”   Like space, if we even have a Captain who was born in the south of Buenos Aires, in the form of fine artisanal alfajor and date of elaboration 2021, and sold three percent in El Roca!  

This week began complicated with the meeting of our presi and the news that Don Covi sent him a gift to the beautiful neighborhood of Olivos.  And he vaccinated him with the vaccine on, one that saved him from worse harm to his health.   What remained in Siberia were relations with Mother Russia. It is that Putin, the Peronist tendency of the Urals, and who will rule until 2036, was concerned about Fernandez's health. Cristina. And when he was confirmed that it was Alberto went down a change, he went swimming in some frozen lake in St. Petersburg, and dismissed sending a diplomatic mission via Constitution immunized with vodka, not from Boca, now without Marito Pergolini leaving another ship that seems not to fill.

Somebody's finally cheering up!  I believe, Cher ! Since I looked at “Expedientes X” I knew that in Córdoba, more precisely in  Cerro Uritorco,  in addition to transnoched and revived hippies of year zero, there was a base of something. It doesn't matter what. But there was something, there was something. Now we need to be careful in the visits when walking on those trails. It's not going to be something we step hard and show up in China. Ordering a bat sopita to Gotham. That would be the eastern version of the polenta with little birds that many of our great-grandparents ate, that is polenta with torcazas, the same ones that you feed in the squares today. Likewise, the posta, is the real oriental one, that is Uruguayan, which instead of crooks cook teros.  Boccato di cardinale  la charrúa.


 Che, let's not be carnelites. 

 To finish on what is happening to us while we wait for the vaccine, and we juggle to survive and send the kids to school, the Chinese who won? the pandemic began to populate the seas . And they chose ours, for a wave. And they set up a floating wall that is as long as its wall. And, with more vivial, they threw away thousands of nets to take our natural resources. They say they're not  cachi  on our marine platform  . Cachi .    At some point we should ask the  authorities  to cut the tances, and nets, before there is no cornalito, nor raba, left for frying.  

These lines go to those who think that the Falkland Cause ends only on two seemingly unproductive islands.  We talked to the Falkland Islands about one of the largest fishing areas in the world. Imagine how much more effective the prefectural patrol would be if you left Puerto Argentino . Not to mention patents and rights, which was indeed the beginning of the protests, and the subsequent  English usurpation of 1833 , and which made Argentina lose billions of billions. In one day. Thinking that 70% of the national territory is desert, not counting the destruction of green by indiscriminate agricultural and mining, the Argentine destination will be the maritime destination. Argentines, on the water.


Rating: 4.50/5.