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A generous country, a country of film

Argentine news in the desopilating language of Mamo Gutierrez. A hot and rainy February that comes in carnival train carioca.

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 

 If the fans get back to the courts may be fine. Take care of yourself, better. But that the instructions for the return are of a complexity destined to the lucky brilliant minds of NASA, is another example of the Argentine talent to complicate us alone . And a hugs app, a genius that we don't know if it's real, or a good joke for Marcelo Hugo's camera. Like humanity is exceeded day by day and for several years there is this application, so now it will surely come with the face of that mustoton and sweat man who embrace you even if it is a goal cancelled.  These wonders of novelties and many more in a new return of “A generous country ”, February edition II A.D. (after COVID), sixth! Sixth!  

Diego will never be extinct and will be news in 2021, and in 3000, too, the bible and the heating. That almost 200 pieces go to auction, including letters from personalities like Fidel Castro, or the guitar with which Andrés Calamaro composed one of the many milestones of the  song book del Diez , and be auctioned for differences between  them. daughts  and the family, means never learning that we must gambeten the cracks and preserve the heritage of national pride and passions.  Maradona was a legend in life, a myth that crossed the Latin American contradictions of entresiglos, and which cannot be remembered in his homeland is an absurd wound. Worse when we go to a  museum  in Europe, perhaps in Britain, and we must pay 100 euros for a shot with the goal ball to the English in World Cup 86. Argentinians, to things .

 Summits of the national genius 

In Hong Kong, they don't seem to know the achievements of our Argentine economists. Whoever bets on the dollar loses, scientists go wash dishes, etc. Or they want to have at the head of the powerful Chinese Stock Exchange a storm pilot, an Argentinean who keeps  Titanic afloat, even if it's on the edge, and with Leo to the point of ice chocolate. Nicolás Aguzin will be the first non-Chinese to handle the fifth largest stock exchange in the world and has a total valuation of $4.23 trillion. Companies of the size of  HSBC, China Mobile and Tencent are listed there. Aguzin also participates in Mercado Libre since 2017, the most valuable national company. A national cougar who will try to tame one of the Asian tigers.

With a tribute to the anonymous heroes of always, the heroic firefighters who fight hard from Santiago del Estero to Patagonia (eternal gualicho to the criminals who started the fire in southern Argentina), our little  cul-de-sac  of the world, dear languages, now also competes would say Gerardo “ Pueblo chico, winter big” , a film directed by Gabriel Otero, won the “Best Foreign Film” award at the  US Hollywood International Golden Film Award  , a prestigious alternative festival in the United States of America. A real pride for an artisanal realization of the residents of Chaltén, province of Santa Cruz, and who filmed for ten years, an idea that started twenty ago. The black comedy tells the follies of an ambitious politician who appeals to the Creole vividness to climb in the state. Any resemblance to reality is not mere coincidence.

And leaving a cordial greeting to our dear politicians, suitcases and  offshore  accounts apart, and those who wish them as well as Mamo says at the close, start laughing this week with our exclusive summary. Forbidden to forget: politicians did not come down from a flying plate, they are children of our society.  The question is , dear languages, who is encouraged to claim parental authority?

Publication Date: 15/02/2021

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