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A generous country, a country of 44 million vaccinated

The embarrassment of the VIP vaccination, one more stain on the tiger of national corruption, the fulfills of the eternal Mirtha and the exclusive notes to the big football as only Mamo Gutierrez can sum them up, bro.

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 


 Come and get yourself. What an unpresentable papon. They sold Iúdica, Probrecito. Vip Vip. It is not the sound of R2D2, Arthurito for the vagrancy of the planet Tatooine, the friendly dryers of the Star Wars, but it is the sound of the Peronist Wars that vaccinated a generous country.   As much as the Quarter-Hour Lanatas or Mitres are outraged, at all times there were very proven cases of corruption, and of which was not even the Liberator General San Martín - the famous return, or diego, in an English bank for the purchase of weapons to free Peru ; And we're not talking about Diego Armando, of course. As always history will judge the miseries of the rulers of duty but we can impatient a little bit, and get the bandages out to justice before it falls round in Courts, or Commodore Py.  In the week of the sentence of Lazaro Baez and friends, an entrepreneur who rinsed almost an annual GDP, memory Chiche, everything is possible . Dreaming costs nothing and I'm not the only dreamer, said a millionaire in a mansion in New York.

The round lives in  It is not a slogan of some overnight commercials, and that in a fifteen minute meeting, they earn what you in a year. Kempes, Zanetti, Cruz and many more await you on our site with the most amazing anecdotes, “ River was a step that saved me. He saved me, because look what I'm gonna tell you. I got to River injured, had a problem in my leg, in the fool, right, and they didn't find what the injury was in Valencia and when I arrived in Buenos Aires, after almost 5 months, Dr. Melito finds what the problem was. And I went back to play, River really saved me, mainly the Doctor. And that made me go back to the ball, play again. And we came out champions against Ferro,” said Matador Kempes of his arrival at Millo in 1981 . Find out about these pearls in  Jorge Barril's notes for “Distinguished Football”, at RCR Metro Barcelona, and exclusively for you.  


 A generous country, the eighth wonder 

In the world the seven contemporary wonders are Chichen Itza in Mexico, the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Great Wall of China, in China, Machu Picchu in Peru, Petra, Jordan, and Taj Mahal, in Agra, India. And Mirtha Legrand.  With young 94 years old, sorry for the easy joke, and a ganic spirit, I greet you Federico Manuel! , the godmother of Argentine television promises a new season in elthirteen with guests of any breed, and with all vaccines certified by the veterinarian First the essential and the old, che!  That just had to do well... sorry, I remembered Vertbisky, Gines and the runfla that doesn't end up in a ministry.  Rewind the tape, Gonzalito.   Those who went to the table I consulted how they were doing to morphate and answer the questions with the advertising face of mineral water. And several admitted that they swallow instead of chewing when the camera strikes to meansave, or if the Legrand releases the question without anesthesia, they take the piece of meat to their mouth just like a cougar in the hunter's sights. Something that seems is basic in such programs to rush the unconscious response, and firecracker, and avoid asphyxiation of the consulted  ao vivo . Another than yellow journalism, let's say blue journalism because of the guest's oxygen lack color. Legrand school of journalism, attended by its owners, Mirtha and Juanita.

 On the week of the birth of the  Liberator of America, u n February 24, 1778 in Yapeyú, a phrase from  Dr. Favaloro  who rumbles and tombs official offices, opponents and rosaditas of Puerto Madero: “San Martín would catch the countryman several generations of constituents! ”. And I just warmed up. 

Publication Date: 01/03/2021

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