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A generous country, 139 years doing banking

Opening of the ordinary sessions of Congress, from here and there, together we are plowing the imprint of our argento destiny, condemned to success. A little bit, please.

As we are

  By Mariano Oropeza  


  When you think about the big Argentinean issues that concern our political welfare, mamo reflects, surely you imagine big projects that aim at general well-being, at least a small portion of the tea house cake fifi. No, gentlemen, he's already with the “e” inclusive.   We discuss who wears barbijo, and behaves like a citizen (sic), or how many lies are told in the enclosure, that never ceases to surprise us with the distance from the reality of an inhabitant of Planet Earth, Argentina location, full cardboard. And that's what we're going for the 139 annual sessions. As if someone assumed that what is said in a speech had some correlation with what happens to you and me.   We lost again they sang Les Luthiers . But luckily Mamo Gutiérrez in “A generous country”, the weekly summary of, makes him so cool that he is a Flash, man.  

Not everyone is bad and President Fernández cares about the green sectors. And not only from them, you love. He plans to light the fires for the production of national cannabis, in tune with our Uruguayan brothers. That when you see a green package abroad, it's not just yerba but also the psychotropic that still causes debates between specialists, doctors and families. Let us clarify that the proposal has a therapeutic purpose, where it was proved useful in the relief of patients with serious diseases.   Although between ends and means, joys and shadows, there will be a long road full of pinitos.  

Between the police news, a good one. The ring of Carlos Saul Menem appeared.   Let's imagine for a moment the pleasure surfaces that toured the Tigre de Anillaco.   Within the child's protection schedule, of course. He stroked the smoothness of the Ferrari steering wheel and shook the hand of a   Rolling Stones   . He danced with the best odalisques in the region and toured playfully the roles that buried the illusions of millions, for those of thousands who enjoyed the 1 to 1. May one day fly into the stratosphere, and shine far away, illuminating pilgrims to the national Mecca discovered by the Afanoso Menem. Oh, Miami.


  The ball does not stain  

But sometimes it gets confused. And it gets capitalist and charges until when you pass two blocks from the court. Or he's a boy and open up to the tap so you can see 22 millionaires, run by other billionaires.   Obviously football is more than just a game, it is one of the local passions, and forms identity and belonging, although many generations survived perfectly with the old Spika, or reading the result the day after. ; Maradona, Moreno and Di Stéfano come down from the Olympus of Football to the axes.   Let's see, the pass is always aimed at a companion of your own shirt color, and in this sport the goal is to ambush it to the bow, not to play with the goalkeeper in your small area.

  Another good of the week is the arrival of the Chinese vaccine. A million, let's go out.   One more example of an open-door country receiving Russian, English and Hindu doses. When we hear strange voices on the street, grandmothers waiting for their   five o' clock   , or doctors who rest on nail beds between guards, let's not be scared and ask for the vaccination card to install the appropriate translating app.   I have Vladimir. Special mention to Mayor Carlos “Chinchu” Gasparini, official of Roque Perez, who placed Sputnik V with the photo of Putin Rusooooo, close the bowling!  

  In the parish section of advances, we will soon launch with Mamo's humor new segments that will add to “Un país generoso” and “How do I explain, m'hija” New ways for you to feel and laugh thoroughly about the Argentine being.  


Publication Date: 08/03/2021

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