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6 things we love about the argentina coast

The most beautiful things in life are, many times, the simplest.

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When it's time to take a vacation, sometimes we like to try new things: change the destination of our trip, visit new cities, try new experiences. However, just as getting into the adventure can be very stimulating,  going back to the places where we were happy  is too. Maybe that's why, even if we sometimes become international travelers,  whenever we can return to the Argentine coast . A fortnight, a week or just a couple of days: no matter how long we have, the important thing is to be able to put your feet in the sand, settle on the sun lounger and dedicate ourselves to letting time pass, but with a view to the sea. And, of course, repeat the same  rituals  we've been doing since we have used reason, those that we inherit from parents and grandparents. Those that make us feel like we're home.

 Holidays on the coast  are full of small rituals that we repeat year by year and confirm that the most beautiful things in life are often the simplest. Let's look at some of them.

 1. Rabas with fries 

Not that at home we can't eat them, but the  rabas  with fries on the coast are all that's okay in the world. Is it healthy? No. Is it recommended? Not for nothing. But who takes away such pleasure from us? The ideal is to eat them in some beach parador, half-dressed, and accompanied by a fresh beer. Pour them a lot of lemon and give ourselves to the enjoyment. I've seen people who say they don't eat fish leaving their lives for a raba.

 2. Board games 

Holidays bring free time to share with the people we love. And that's when wars are armed almost to death between grandchildren and grandparents, between sister-in-law or between friends. Broom of 15, trick, generala, ladies, bingo... any challenge is worth facing. Those who have a home on the coast often leave games there to use each season. That means that, over the years, chips, cards and different elements will be lost. But none of that matters: you play as you can, with what you have. Others directly charge them into the car from home to use the swing hours to play (and compete) with family or friends.

 3. The mate with churros 

The most perfect combination for beach evenings brings us such indescribable happiness that even when we eat them with a little sand they lose the charm. To assemble the mate, look up and see the  churrero  in the distance, who approaches us with the most precious delicacy, is one of the most anticipated moments of beach evenings.

 4. The picaditos 

Among friends, with strangers, previously agreed or improvised: picaditos on the seashore, barefoot and wearing clothes as bow are one of the most anticipated activities of summer. More than one feels Messi doing the preseason, isn't it?

 5. The birra at sunset 

The sun falls, we save the mate and the best comes:  the  cold dog, on the beach or on a balcony, with peanuts, chips and, if we are very lucky, some cheese with salame. It's almost as if summer was made for that moment when, before bathing, we gave ourselves that little bit of heaven just for us.

 6. The roasts 

At noon or at night, limited or exaggerated, the asado almost daily is a luxury that we only give ourselves when we are on vacation. Because we deserve it. No matter the price of meat, if you have to get out of the budget, let it be for a good  roast .

Publication Date: 27/01/2021

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