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6 things we hate about the Argentine coast

Summer arrives and we are excited about the idea of fleeing to the coast... But not everything is rosy.

As we are
Summer and holidays come and we are excited about the idea of fleeing to the coast... until we remember that sometimes everything may not be rosy. 1) The route First things first: the getaways to the coast start the moment we get in the car (or the bus). Argentines know that there is always the possibility of taking 15 hours to do 400 km, especially if it is a long weekend or a change of fortnight. Not to mention if there are children in the car and the soundtrack of the trip ends up being "are we there yet?" or "Mommy, it's a long way off? 2) Sunshade When we pass the odyssey and reach our destination, we run desperately to the beach. And there begins the scanning of available space. The challenge is to find the best place to put our sunshade, close to the water and the toilets, but away from the rest of the people. However, once we find it, the pleasure is short-lived: inevitably someone will come to nail their sunshade a few meters from ours and force an unwanted coexistence. 3) The wrong tanning lotion There is no way: no matter how hard we try and conscientiously do it, there will always be a sector of our body that is unprotected from the sun. The result? The irritated and red skin and a thousand "magic" remedies that promise to calm our suffering. 4) The sellers Impossible to rest placidly on the sand for more than ten minutes without listening to the street vendors offering from the most basic things to the most unexpected. But when we finally decide to buy churros, they all disappear as if the universe were against us. 5) Planes with advertising To add acoustic pollution to our moment of relaxation are the airplanes that pass very low and very slow advertising from medicines to theatre shows that nobody wants to see. 6) The hooded Jacket with flip-flops Happy with the summer and the heat, we go out into the sun in a swimsuit and flip-flop... but as soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops abruptly and pushes us to make somewhat controversial fashion decisions. Who hasn't ever been in a polar sweater, shorts and flip-flops?

Publication Date: 07/11/2018

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