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6 things we hate about the argentina coast

Summer comes and we are excited about the idea of fleeing to the coast... But not everything is pink.

As we are
costa argentina

“If you like peach, bank your fluff,” they say. And that's  right: even the best things have their bad point . Ying and yang. Half full glass or half empty glass. In Ser Argentino we prefer to see the  good side  to everything, but that does not mean that there are experiences that are not always pleasant. So,  summer and holidays are coming, and we're excited about the idea of fleeing to the  coast ... until we remember that sometimes everything may not be roses. Because, although we are excited about the idea of the sea and the beach, there are some small details that can make you lose patience even the most balanced of beings.

Let's look at some of them.

 1. The route 

First things first: getaways to the coast start the moment we get into the car (or the bus). Argentines know that it is always possible to take 15 hours to do 400 km, especially if it is a long weekend or a fortnight change. Not to mention if there are children in the car and the sound band of the trip ends up being “are we here? “Or is Mommy, much missing? ”. That's when we take a deep breath, count to ten, and we think that little torture will be worth it when we're looking at the sea.

 2. The umbrellas 

When we pass the odyssey and arrive at the destination, we run desperate to the  beach . And that's where the scanning of available space begins. The challenge is to find the best place to put our umbrella, near the water and the bathrooms, but away from the rest of the people. However, once we find it, the pleasure lasts little: inevitably someone will come to nail his umbrella a few meters from ours and force an unwanted coexistence. This is not counting the times that the treacherous wind makes any air fly, jeopardizing the physical integrity of the summer seekers. Have you ever caught a flying umbrella?

 3. Wind and sand 

“Sucundum, sucundum,” Donald would say. The truth is that even though we love the beach, when the wind blows for others, the experience ceases to be pleasant. As much as we want to do the ones we don't care, sunbathe, a mate, read or do any activity with the sand hitting our body makes the beach day very difficult. Not to mention if we can take out the salami and cheese sanguchito we brought for lunch. The one who never ate a sandwich, raise your hand.

 4. The badly put bronzer 

There is no way: as much as we try and do it thoroughly, there will always be a section of our body that is left unprotected from the sun. The result? Irritated and red skin, and a thousand “magic” remedies that promise to calm our suffering. What are we doing the next day, then? We're going to the beach, of course, but as incognito Hollywood actors: we cover up with caps, towels and clothes, so that the part of our body that suffered the burns is protected.

 5. Sellers 

It is impossible to rest peacefully on the sand for more than ten minutes without listening to  street vendors  offering everything from the most basic things to the most unexpected. Of course: when we finally decided to buy churros, they all disappear as if the universe was against us.

 6. The diver with flops 

Happy with the summer and the heat, we go out in the sun in a swimsuit and foot flops... but, not as well as sunset comes, the temperature drops abruptly and pushes us to make somewhat controversial fashion decisions. Who didn't ever go with a polar diver, shorts and flops?

Publication Date: 28/01/2021

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