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11 Cordobeses defects

Legend has it that Cordobeses are perfect. But no, the standupera Silvana Spinelli tells us what our shortcomings are.

As we are

Between shortcomings and qualities,   we built like cordobeses   . Our identity is shaped with jokes, legends and myths. Obvious   we believe us a thousand   But, well, some other defect we have. Here is the list of defects that the standupera Silvana Spinelli put together:

  1- None!  

If you ask the Cordobeses what defects we have, surely the first thing we're going to answer is   “none, we Cordobeses are perfect”   . We Cordobeses go through life with their heads up, but never with their nose standing, don't get confused.

  2- We will never learn your name.  

As much as you insist on reminding us, we're not going to call you either by your name or by your last name. For us you will be “Face e pipe”, “Sad bread” or “Fat face e 'bite.” We'll call you according to your most outstanding quality so that no one confuses you. How many Juanes would like to stop being just another “John” on this planet. Come to Cordoba that we personalize your image. This was the well-known case of a John we baptized   “Mocuco”, mix of monkey with cuckoo   .

  3- We don't take anything seriously.  

Not even death. It is believed that laughing at the wake started in Cordoba and became viralized. According to the urban myth, the Cordobeses of colonial times did not hire weeping,   they hired laughers   . Cordoba has an ancestral wisdom that few know: laughter is the best remedy for the soul. So, if you have to leave this world, it's better to go laughing.

  4- We are trusts.  

If changing people's names seems a little daring about us, you still haven't seen anything. The Cordobeses   we invite us alone   to a party, or we sneak in. The important thing is that we take care of ourselves, we are not to cause inconvenience to homeowners...

  5- We are caravans.  

It is known when the Cordovan leaves, what is not known is when it returns. The average caravan of a Cordovan consists of   pre+ dance/bowling/party+ after   , and after after we enter a gray dimension that no one remembers. During the trance, large amounts of fernet with coca are consumed. The next day, or a few days, depending on the gray phase, we are 0 km to start again. The Japanese would already like   have this self-discipline   .

  6- We are very exaggerated.  

For Cordobeses, a winter is not just a winter, it is a winter, especially when the gas bill arrives. A party is not a party anymore, it is a fiestonononon (as many non are added as good as the joda has been). Is that in   the exaggeration lies the alchemy of cordobés   : we can turn the worst day into the best of anecdotes.

  7- We're “jetons”.  

You will recognize the Cordovan because it speaks two decibels higher than the common of living things. This volume increases directly proportional to age and reaches levels harmful to health.

  8- We are unpunctual.  

While in the rest of the world we have dinner at 7 in the afternoon, in Cordoba we have dinner at 10 in the evening. But if you want to have dinner at 22, you have to invite us at 19. Maybe it's because Córdoba's traffic is slower than astronaut kick or because public transport is less often than good news. You see it, you do not need to visit a Buddhist temple to develop   infinite patience   , just go to the 24th stop on a Sunday afternoon.

  9- We are surrealists.  

Evidently, our   watches are made of plasticine,   but we also carry avant-garde art in our blood. We are a landlocked province and yet we built a lighthouse in the middle of the city.   To enlighten who?  

Another emblematic example is in Capilla del Monte: where anyone sees a rock, we see an iconic and majestic sculptural work of Mother Nature in the shape of a shoe.

  10- We are blatantly seductive.  

Our sense of humor makes us irresistible. They say the Cordobés have “spark”... what they don't know is we're causing fires. In addition, poetry sprouts from our lips, that's why they call us “verseros”. We are flowery gardens, we are   the most spicy ones for the levante   , we are thieves of beauty... With such natural grace and our infinite patience (cultivated by waiting on 24) we can conquer even the most difficult hearts.

  11- We always have to have the last word.  

And, usually, it's the auction.   Ah re!  

Publication Date: 02/06/2020

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