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10 meals that can not miss at Christmas

What are your favorites? Do you say no to anyone?

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In Argentina, a celebration is not a celebration if there is no food in quantities. A lot of everything and always: that's how we like to celebrate with family or friends. At Christmas, there are some meals that shine with their absence during the year, but make their star appearance in those times. What are your favorites? 1) Roast  The roast is on all our meal lists. It is the only one of all the items in this selection that is worth from January to December. 2) Piglet  It is not easy to prepare it, it takes many hours of cooking and is not achieved anywhere: the reasons to restrict this option to Christmas holidays are several, and there are those who wait all year to enjoy it. 3) Vitel toné  Maybe he doesn't even like it so much, but there's always the one who shows up with the vitel toné for this time. If it were missing, Christmas probably wouldn't be the same. 4) Matambre  Another classic that we may find at some other time during the year, but that may not be at our end of the year celebrations. 5) Russian salad  What matters here is mayonnaise: we hardly even know what is underneath. A beautiful excuse to eat “salad” without fault. 6) Stuffed tomato  It is usually with tuna, but it varies from house to house. One secret: the real winner is the one who tracks where the pulp of tomatoes remained and eats it by tablespoons. 7) Fruit salad  Coming to desserts, sometimes we remember that it is summer and we are given for something fresh: a fruit salad, often accompanied by ice cream. 8) Nougats  They are cut, served on the table and hardly anyone touches them: nougats can not miss, but no one knows why. 9) Nuts  Nothing more exciting than making competitions of who breaks the most nuts when the toast has already passed and the gifts were already open. 10) Sweet bread  With its inexplicable polished fruits, sweet bread is better for breakfast the next day than to close the binge of dinner. However, when he arrives, no one resists him.

Publication Date: 19/12/2018

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