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Why do you call Tucuman thieves?

The label “Tucuman thieves” may not be a simple description of their social situation, but a reflection of a historic
As they see us
26 January, 2020

Popularly throughout the country, the joke about crime and the connection with Tucuman people is common. The most superficial thought would say that it is a construction based on the socio-political reality of that province. Thetest is the smallest, but one of the most densely populated, and represents the most costly political power in the country. “Tucuman thieves” is a phrase that is used throughout the country, in a hurtful way or also for mediocre humor.

But limiting ourselves to such an analysis would link virtually all the provinces of the country that are plagued by insecurity. The tag of tucuman thieves probably comes from a long time ago. Perhaps this story originated more than 200 years ago.

This is a conclusion that can be reached from the historical texts of the writer Luis Horacio Yanicelli – Yeah . It is the description of a brilliant era of the Tucuman army that defended the homeland alongside Manuel Belgrano.

The Tucuman on the battlefield

The Tucuman army was recognized for its audacity and courage, for the capacity of interpretation and anticipation that they had in the Battlefield. Some might call it “Creole viveza”, but this was a vividness of good. In the Battle of the Racing Field, the history of the theft of Tucuman from the army of Pius Tristan, the realist representative. They took arms, uniforms and even the actual vehicle, which would then be made available to the forces homelands.

The representative of the forces and the province was Barnabé Aráoz. The attitude of the Tucuman in combat grew with the passage of time. It was that attitude that allowed to win a battle, despite the fact that our army had 1000 men less than the realistic army. A considerable number for battles where were fighting 2000 against 1000.

The madmen of the cannonfire

The Tucuman had not only looted Pius Tristan’s army. In combat, Tucumans stole cannon bullets, putting their lives at risk for the idea of freedom. Tucuman military were smiling and crouching collecting bullets that had been fired, but could still be used. That vehemence and indifference to the danger of Tucuman was the pride of Manuel Belgrano.


It is likely that many simply insult or label a Tucuman. Not considering that the origin of that classification comes from one of the most important battles in our history. It is unlikely, but the h

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