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We’re not a joke! Or is it?

We Cordoba bear the stigma of being funny. Positive or negative quality, we don't know. If they cross us, yes
As they see us
| 27 January, 2020 |

Caravans, friends, a little chantas, funny, ferneteros and barracks. That’s how they see us. But how funny are we? If you’re Cordovan, your nightmare is to meet someone who laughs at the tune, imitates you or asks you for a joke. And I don’t even tell you if you’re on a bad day. Between the tone of our voice (quite loud, most of the time), our tone and our phrases, we are a joke. But do we like to be seen like this?

The worst part is that they see us related to comedians such as Yayo, the most famous of Buenos Aires. Who reproduced misogynistic speeches and jokes that nothing they were funny. However, he was a key character for television Argentina at a given time. On the other hand, Skinny Pailos and Cacho Buenaventura are also world figures Cordovan comedian. They continue to fill theaters and events in which they are presented. But… it doesn’t mean that all Cordobes have a repertoire of jokes about them, or jokes of their own.

Not so funny

Many times, the only nice thing about our dialogue is the tune, without any more. That’s why we sometimes get annoyed with the image that people have of us. Because we’re not taken seriously. And I think that, too, this consolidates the Cordoba idiosyncrasy. Go against the Cordovan stereotype. And go against everything. Go against the Argentinian majority. Examples of history are the Cordobazo or many elections, among them, the past elections. It’s part of breaking up with a stereotype we want to get rid of. And, in that attempt, we shed much more. The striking thing about the imaginaries that hover around the Cordoba is that they generate a dual relationship. Sometimes we love them to have us as the funny guys in the group, and we make the most of the role. But, in some contexts, we hate not being taken seriously.

For you, how come he’s a Cordovan?

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