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Why International Museum Day is celebrated

International Museum Day is celebrated in more than 150 countries; Argentina joins the motion with special and free activities.

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As on May 18, more than 150 countries celebrate International Museum Day; Argentina joins the motion with special and free activities; watch the program.

Since 1977, every 18 May , the International Museum Day has been celebrated, with the active participation of about 37,000 museums and more than 158 countries. World Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of museums for cultural exchange and enrichment.

The ceremony is organized by ICOM, the International Council of Museums, which, as in all editions, proposes a different theme. In 2019 it will be: “Museums as cultural axes: the future of tradition” , and proposes to focus on the new role that museums play as active agents within their communities. Museums have been going through a paradigm shift for decades, reviewing their own history, mission and ways of acting.

While preserving their collection, conservation, communication, research and exhibition missions, museums today have transformed their practices to reach out to the communities they serve, exploring innovative ways to address contemporary social issues and positioning itself as platforms for collective participation in which creativity is combined with knowledge, and visitors can take a leading role.


Buenos Aires

 National Historical Museum
  From 14.45 to 17 We invite
you to celebrate International Museum Day with a special tour of the Visitable Reserve of the National Historical Museum. This is a unique opportunity to discover the museum's great heritage that is not on display, and that remains kept and tidy in the reserve.
 Address: Defense 1600.

 National Museum of the Cabildo and the May Revolution
  At 14 live silverware
workshop. Emilio Patarca, renowned goldsmith master, will give a live demonstration of how a silverware and goldsmith workshop works with students from the “Argentine School of Goldsmith”, of which he is founder and teacher. On the other hand, from 18 May, silver matte designed and made by Patarca himself will be exhibited in the museum. The mate, an icon of the Rioplatense region, was chosen as a vehicle to capture author's works in reverence for the libertarian past.
 Address: Bolívar 65.

 Museum Casa de Ricardo Rojas
  At 15
 Come with the family to enjoy the architecture workshop “Magic Box”, run by ETRA - Childhood and Modern Art. Based on images from different places in Latin America, we will create imaginary landscapes in three dimensions within a box that will work as a model.
 Address: Charcas 2837.

 National House of the Bicentennial
  At 19
 Performance “El Eternauta” by Oesterheld-Breccia, by Un Faulduo, experimentation collective formed by Nicolás Daniluk, Ezekiel García, Nicolás Moguilevsky and Nicolás Zukerfeld. This activity is part of the exhibition Breccia 100. The mutant drawing.
 Address: Riobamba 985.

 Sarmiento Historical Museum
  At 17 We invite
you to participate in “Velay lo'j boyfriends”, an intervention by the National Folkloric Ballet: the show is a tribute to Molina Campos inspired by her works, within the framework of the exhibition of cartoons that will be; on display in the museum.
 Address: Cuba 2079

 Museo Malvinas and Islas del Atlántico Sur (Memory and Human Rights Space, ex-ESMA)
 At  16 we invite
you to celebrate with a rock concert featuring Not tan ninja and Mantra. Not so Ninja is a post-rock jazz group that addresses their own compositions and other renowned musicians. In the same vein, Mantra is an experimental rock band whose melodies invite us to a trance that transports us to different landscapes, climates and sound atmospheres.
 Address: Av. del Libertador 8151.


 National Museum Jesuit Estancia de Alta Gracia and Viceroy Liniers House
  At 18 . Musical
show.Come and enjoy a musical show in which the Children's Orchestra “Hilvanado Generaciones” will participate, together with invited musicians and artists. The show proposes interaction between the Orchestra “Hilvanando Generaciones”, which plays songs from Argentine and Latin American folklore, and a group of local artists who come from contemporary music genres such as heavy metal, trap, hip-hop, and other traditional music such as the candombe or tango.
 Address: Padre Domingo Viera Avenue 41, Alta Gracia, Cordoba.

Saint John

 Museum and Library Casa Natal de Sarmiento
  from 10.30
to 16
 We will have literary interventions (with the participation of Mag. Silvana Alaniz), musical, gastronomic and poetic.
 Address: Sarmiento 21 Sur, San Juan.


 Historical House
of Independence
  From 10 to 18
 Throughout the day, come and have fun with a Congress Memotest and a Congress Panel (didactic game to know the names and places where everyone is from). In addition, you can enjoy traditional games such as the payana, the ball and the hopscotch.
 Address: Pedestrian Congress 141, Tucumán, Tucumán.

10.30. Knowing the matte
12 to 13. Concert of folk music and tangos
16. Teaching traditional Tucuman meals
17. Typical dances with the presence of different collectivities
18. Close with the act of lowering our national flag


 Regional Museum of Painting “José Antonio Terry”
  Friday 17 May
at 20
 On the eve of International Museum Day, we invite you to enjoy “Deep Sounds of Pucará”, a serenade to museums. It is an Andean folkloric show that contains the genuine expressions of singing, music and dance of the peoples of the Quebrada de Humahuaca and northwest Argentina.
 Address: Rivadavia 352, Tilcara, Jujuy.

 Regional Museum of Painting “José Antonio Terry”
  Saturday 18 May at 10 am
We celebrate International Museum Day with the opening of two exhibitions: “Offrendario” (an exhibition of ceramics and reliefs of Mirta Vedia that seeks to spread out knowledge about vitrofusion and ceramics in its various formats) and “Shared spaces” (an exhibition of Hector Alemán paintings in which the artist brings us closer to everyday moments of community life).
 Address: Rivadavia 352, Tilcara, Jujuy.

Source: Cultura.gob.ar 

Publication Date: 17/05/2019

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