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What leaves a great artist

The legacy of Juan Arancio in the Santafesina culture is very great. Although deceased, he is an emblem artist of Santa Fe.

It may be a risky statement, but it is not far from reality to assure that no one painted on the shores of the Argentine coast and its people like the Santafesino  plastic  artist Juan Arancio. He passed away in Santa Fe a year ago. He lived all his life in the same house in Barrio Alfonso, where he was born in 1931.

Their coastal motifs  reached all over the world  representing, like no one, the idiosyncrasy of the fishermen of Santa Fe. When I think of Juan Arancio, I see the drawing of a boy in fisherman's pants, paws in the water, chuza in hand and a shirt of  Columbus . Unerasable images of the collective unconscious santafesino.

 A hard resume to summarize 

His career led him to great magazines, illustrating his own arguments such as Corso Pete, Iron Fist, Black Poncho, School Life; gaucho themes:  Interval ,  El Tony  , Blinker ,  Clarín . His comics also appeared for  many years in the great Argentine newspaper  and in  El Litoral , the main newspaper of Santa Fe.

He took the luxury of working at  Disney , Fleetway Studios in England and Scorpio publishing house in Milan.

Beyond his artistic wealth, perhaps  his legacy  is also so great on the  moral  face. At the time of the  armed conflict between Argentina and England , he decided to dispense with contracts with that country, thereby losing his remuneration for his illustrations, because he felt that he identified himself “with a just cause and was consistent with the assessment of the sacrifice of the boys who gave their lives in the South Atlantic in defense of sovereignty over those southern territories.”

Despite suffering from  Parkinson's disease , Arancio  did not stop producing . “He is in good spirits and only wants to paint, although he has some days when he is not stable and decaying; there are others where he goes ahead and gives us his work,” his granddaughter told another half of Santa Fe, shortly before John left this world.

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