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Twenty years of an indispensable space

The Museum of Contemporary Art of the National University of Litoral (MAC) is very important for the culture of Santafesina. This year turns 20.

Art and Literature

The  Museum of Contemporary Art  (MAC) of the National University of Litoral (UNL)  began operating in December 2000  , as a gallery within the University Cultural Forum. It was growing and, since 2004, it has its own building. This is a fundamental space for Santafesino art. Great painters,  sculptors  and other national and international referents have exhibited their works in it.

There is an administrative area, several exhibition halls, a building depot and a multi-purpose hall , equipped with the necessary technological resources  for courses and seminars to update  contemporary art .

When the city's routine returns to normal,  a full schedule of important events will be organized  that, while continuing to enrich the local culture, will serve as a tribute to this anniversary.

As part of the celebrations, the UNL design area is working on a new visual identity (logo) and updating its  website . “It is important to rethink the museum space, its actions, its relations with the social groups it convenes and part of that is also to rethink the visual  identity  and its means of communication by excellence as the website is,” Garcia stressed.

 Audiovisual products will  also be produced with people of cultural management and visual arts who have been the protagonists of these twenty years of the MAC.

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Publication Date: 04/06/2020

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