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The End of Love: Erotize Consent

The end of love, new book by Tamara Tenenbaum, sinks into the depth of affection to celebrate the death of romantic love.

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 The end of love , by  Tamara Tenenbaum , is a book, first and foremost, lucid. Published by   Ariel  , it is easy to understand why it is a bestseller and is already going for the fourth edition. The author, strikingly young (barely thirty years) for the maturity she deploys in her prose, holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Buenos Aires, where she is also a teacher. But she is also a renowned journalist specializing in gender issues. In addition, it has published  a book of stories and another of poems . And all this seems to be reflected in  The end of love : it is a scholarly text, full of references and quotations from the academic world, but at the same time accessible to the general public and, above all, very beautiful.

The end of love: a text that includes many others

In a first reading, the reader will feel  facing an essay on  feminism  . But, as you progress through the pages, you will encounter the life story of its author, masterfully intertwined with the main conflicts of our time. Feminism, little by little, will cease to be the main theme to give space to  human relations in general , a theme that allows the author to talk about the virtual world of the 21st century, about the constitution of the family in our days, about the relationships of couples ever less monogáand even the  obligation many  women  feel to feel beautiful and healthy. 

A book that helps to deconstruct many of the ideas that Western culture made us believe are “natural”,  forcing us to think and think as free beings  (if we are somehow still). In short,  The end of love  is a book that sinks into the depth of affections to celebrate the death of romantic love at the hands of erotization of consent.  Recommended from every point of view .

Data sheet
 El fin del amor 
Author: Tamara Tenenbaum
Publisher: Ariel
Pages: 318
PVP: $750

Publication Date: 15/12/2019

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