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The cursed artist

Romilio Ribero was the “cursed artist” who left marks in the history of Capilla del Monte. This poet, writer and painter gave us his work.

Art and Literature

Romilio Ribero was a Cordovan writer, poet and painter born in Capilla del Monte in1933 . He managed to live off his art and his vices for 43 years. Between life and excess, came his most vast work that includes incredible paintings and exceptional poems.He published only two books in life : Theme of the Deslindado and Book of Weddings, Plants and Amulets.However, he left as posthumous unpublished eighteen books. This gives the pattern of hard internal work and a present self-demand, which did not allow him to share his productions in life.

It is said that the memory of Romilio still lives in the corners of the Teatro del Libertador in Córdoba.Since Arturo Zanichelli, the governor of the moment, offered room for this artist and his wife Susana Sumer there . Romilio, like any artist, had to devote himself to the production of his works and could not give himself to anything other than the attentive listening to his inspiration.Zanichelli, who knew his talent, bet on this local artist. The place that the public official offered him was one of the attics of the Teatro San Martín.They were the old carnival cabins, where Romilio and his companion spent their days between production and everyday life.

From the Theatre I am

The Teatro Libertador was his home, Cordoba was his nation and Chapel was the place that saw him born. Ribero, after his death, managed to assert his work much more than it was worth while he lived, a constant in the lives of artists. Romilio and his work were characterized by going against society, by embodying his soul on the sheet or on the canvas. This led him not to be heard by his contemporaries, but by the successor generation. In large part, the acquisition of recognition of the author was thanks to the work of his wife Susana Sumer, who would bet on the publication of his entire work to make the existence of this artist known to the world. Thus it was that his literature began to resurface, taking away the dust from the drawers that had it stored. Approximately in the 90s, the author would begin to gain fame. The work that would involve the discovery of this writer would go hand in hand with the publishing house Alción, which would be responsible for presenting their writings progressively. Some of the titles published are Women, the Magias, Imago mundi and Familiar and Sortilegios.

Other dimensions

Its production is conditioned and influenced by the place that saw it born. Chapel of the Monte, with its special mystical, mysterious and extravagant left marks in his writing. Romilio Ribero knew how to condense the mystery of the secret through his words. Some critics call him the“cursed poet”, because he knew how to become, through literature, a seer. His writings appear as revelations from the afterlife that take the veil out of the occult and show us a new, previously unknown world. Many of his contemporaries conceived the image of Romilio as a medium, who through words revealed a hidden world. And that he connected with nature, to share his last secrets to us .

Ricardo Alfonso Rubio says that, in his work, Romilio Ribero “sharesthe world of creation with that of dreams in the shade of logging and carob trees, and observes through itwhat very few can see : the sensitive insinuations of life, symbols, and he becomes an interpreter of the universe, a tireless spokesman for the natural strength of races and species.”

This cursed artist who is presented to us as a revelation gives us his prose and his poetry. Do you dare to travel through the corners of his verses?

Publication Date: 10/07/2020

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