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The black hand of the international cartoon

José Muñoz, the Argentine cartoonist who transcended borders.

Art and Literature

José Muñoz (Buenos Aires, 1942) is one of the most influential Argentine cartoonists in the world. Artists such as Frank Miller, famous for his BATMAN: The Knight of the Night Returns and Sin City, or Warren Pleece, the Briton who revolutionized DC Comics in the 1990s, are some of his famous disciples in a style of violent chiaroscuro, and intricate backgrounds, with disturbing details.

Learning from the masters Alberto Breccia, Hugo Pratt and Francisco Solano López, for whom he made several backgrounds and landscapes in the mythical El Eternauta (1957), the brilliant creation of Héctor Oesterheld, Muñoz represents the evolution of thean Argentinecomic book to a demanding audience in terms of plots and art, in the years when the Di Tella Institute celebrated the First World Biennial of the Cartoon.
Emigrated to Europe in the mid-seventies, in a creative duo with Carlos Sampayo, Muñoz continues in graphic experimentation and the fractures of languages, with Alck Sinner (1975) or Sophie (1986), and the dazzling biographies drawn by Billie Holiday (1991) and Carlos Gardel (2009), among other collaborations.

Starting in 1999, the artist published solo a selection of texts and drawings such as Orillas de Buenos Aires while making tapas and posters for prestigious European publishers. His books are
translated into French, Italian, English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Serbian and German. And he is the only artist from Latin America who won the Angoulême Grand Prix in
2007, a kind of Oscar to the Trajectory in his art.

Says José Muñoz

“But in the Alack Sinner cycle there have always been positive things. It wasn't always a starless black night... that we weren't forgotten to a country with no present or future, us and all Argentines and all human beings. Because that's what it's all about: being human. It is a goal”, interviews José Muñoz about his most famous character, co-created with Carlos Sampayo. In Sasturain, J. “El domicilio de la aventura” Buenos Aires: Colihue. 1995.

They say about José Muñoz

“Sweat Sudaca —with drawings by José Muñoz, scripts by Carlos Sampayo (1984), appeared in the magazine Fierro — is a painful cartoon because it leaves the Argentine tragedy, that succession of disagreements: disappeared, gone, come, children who left voluntarily or involuntarily, parents who stayed, letters, long-distance calls...”, in Gociol, J. and Rosemberg, D. “La Historieta Argentina. A story” Buenos Aires: Editions of the Flower. 2003.

Watch the interview with José Muñoz by Juan Acosta at the Museo del Humor (2012).

Publication Date: 10/07/2020

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