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Texts about “genre” are already a special section in bookstores

Feminist books already make up a new section within the bookstores, some of which even reserve an exclusive table for them in their stores of sale

Feminist books have not only been leading in a sales boom in recent years, but they already form a new section within bookstores, some of which even reserve an exclusive table in their sales premises, as a marketing strategy.
The concerns raised in a broad sector of society from the debate on abortion rights and the new protagonism achieved by the women's movement, generated new demands for reading that have been reciprocated by a profuse editorial offer of “gender literature”, within the which coexist old classics with more current bestsellers; fictions with essays, biographies and theoretical texts. A bet that sales seem to go with.
“ It is a segment that grows in sales since the beginning of 2018 and if you look at the ranking of the retail chain that we publish every day, there are always at least five books linked to gender issues,” said Mara Tomaino, head of marketing at Cúspid.
Thus, of the top 100 books sold by this network last Tuesday, seven can be considered “gender”; and Virginie Despentes's “King Kong Theory” was the most commercialized nonfiction work last week by Yenny-El Ateneo, occupying the same book.second place in the overall ranking.
“ Gender books were always there, but before we had a section on a shelf, which from the shelf went to the table and from the bottom of the premises went to first place in some branches because of the demand of the readers themselves who forced us to do so. In addition, the market was accompanying, because today more books related to the subject are published,” Tomaino explained.
On the table that this bookstore identifies with the poster “Gender” are interspersed works such as Simone de Beauvoir's “The Second Sex”, “Yo Babe, Yo Princesa” by Gabriela Mansilla, “History of Sexuality” by Michael Foucault, “The Genre in Dispute” by Judith Butler, and “Counterstones of cruelty” by Rita Segato, among others.
Tomaino said that before those who bought books on feminist themes “was another consumer of segment”, while now “they read them from my 14-year-old daughter to my 70-year-old mother”, given that there is “an interest in the subject that crosses all ages” and is not in fact.aacute; restricted only to women.
“ The reaction to this table is very positive, and in fact on social media they post photos and throw us away saying things like 'my favorite place in Cuspide',” he said.

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