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Sole Rebelles and Juan Maieron count and do not discount. His Cuentos en Boca project fills us with new stories to imagine and enjoy.

Art and Literature

Sole Rebelles en   art teacher at the initial level   , storyteller and readings cheerleader. Juan Maieron is a physical education teacher at the initial level and technical producer. And together they are   Stories in Boca.   That's the name these two Cordobeses put on the project they carry out. These are two storytellers, who decide to join officially in 2018 to carry out   different activities related to storytelling.  

Between the two,   do a mejunje of emotions   and tools from different disciplines, to amuse and invite you to imagine. With theatre techniques, body activity, voice and expression games, they take us to new and incredible worlds. To which we can only reach with storytellers of this quality.

  Between workshops and shows   , Juan and Sole build themselves. And they also build   a thousand worlds to imagine.   Between dances and jokes, they entertain the big ones and the boys. No age borders, no frontiers of possibility: without limits. When we see   Stories in Boca in action   We forget everything that could distent us. This project reaches everyone   to cheer up, and thrill.  

  New adventures in the mouth  

With a vast career in   children's and youth literature,   Stories in Boca is launching a new adventure. The works framed in the project   “Close Aromas”   are the   new odyssey of these two narrators   .

It is about “sharing the Argentine history, told through cooking. It is a historical story that is read between pans, between lines”. Sole Rebelles tells us. Tales in Boca tells us, with a full mouth,   must-see, regional and traditional recipes from the towns of Córdoba.  

“Flavors de Campo”, “Flavors Originarios” and “Flavors Isleños” are for now the three published editions that reveal us   Delicious recipes.   These compiles are made with recipes from La Paquita (Córdoba), the Arabela Rural Community of the Comechingón Nation Village Paraje Dolores (Córdoba) and the San Fernando Delta (Buenos Aires), respectively.   They are available in PDF,   so you can experience these historical recipes from home. And, too, you can get them on paper. In handcrafted editions that have their magic and bring these scents closer to us.

However, Sole and Juan are not satisfied with the recipe book that gave them these landscapes and Argentine communities. Because we don't settle either, and we want more! So they plan to continue traveling and making excursions inside each community.   Walking through the recesses of the cuisines of each culture   , throughout our Argentine territory. To be able to share more delights, to sweeten our soul, to feed us   imagination and tummy.  

We look forward to your new recipes, while we cook the delights that show us from Cuentos en Boca.

Publication Date: 28/06/2020

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