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Stories by phone: a call, a story

The Argentina Library “Dr. Juan Álvarez”, Rosario, promotes this proposal in which you can “give away” a story read by phone to a loved one.

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Cuentos por teléfono

The most beautiful experiences are often in the simplest things.  Like the phone rings and someone gives you a story on the other side.  In a time when almost everything we do is mediated by a screen, giving ourselves to a story only through a voice that guides us is something as simple as it is disruptive. This is what the proposal “ Tales por telefono” is being carried out by the  Argentine Library “Dr. Juan Álvarez”  in Rosario.

The initiative is promoted by the Reading Promotion area of the municipality of the city and  La Casa Imaginada , the institution's children's and youth literature sector. It all started when, following the  quarantine , those responsible for the  Library were in need of finding other ways to bring reading closer to children and young people. But not only:  most people who are “given” a story are adults.  


 How does it work?  

From the Library's website they provide the step by step to receive a call and a story:

Choose a day, a schedule and we'll call you to tell you a live and live story! You just need to have a phone to get the call.

You have to take the turn through this link . It will be Thursday mornings from 10 am to 12 h, with 15 minute shifts. They sign up and call them on the day and time assigned to their shift. The Remarks box can be used if it is necessary to clarify who the story is for someone else (surname, first name and age).


Once agreed on the schedule,  telenarradoras  Ayelén Romero and Hilaria Bazzetti are responsible for giving the voice to the stories. In this way,  many people are giving a story to their loved ones.   Grandparents, friends, parents, children - anyone can receive a story told in the ear. “We bring you home a good story to enjoy together an unforgettable trip, with humor and fantasy life is pure poetry,” they promise from the Library.


 Best Rodari style 

The Library's proposal is inspired by the book  Cuentos por telefono, by  Italian  Gianni Rodari  , journalist, writer, political militant, teacher and pedagogue born in Omegna in 1920. The author was a great promoter of  literature  for children and young people, through which he aspired to stimulate their entry into a world of creative imagination. In that book, Rodari tells the stories that a traveling father tells his daughter on the phone, so he can be close to her in the distance.

However, the work chosen by the Library to read by phone is  Tales to play,  also by Rodari, where the writer included twenty stories,  each with three different endings.  In this way, an interaction with the people who receive the story on their phones is achieved, since it is they who  choose which end they want to hear .


 A proposal to imitate 

At the moment, the initiative of the Argentine Library “Dr. Juan Álvarez” is  only for residents of Rosario . But those who are at the forefront of the proposal want it to expand to other  libraries  in the country, and they have also enrolled in the schools service, where the teachers put on speaker the telenarradora and the boys choose, among all, the end for their story.

A simple and beautiful idea, which seeks to bring art through an increasingly less used means of communication and that, with very little, can change someone's day. Let's hope that the initiative will expand across the country and that many more people can have the joy that they tell them a story in their ear.

Publication Date: 23/04/2021

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