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Paint with the heart

What happens in the painting happens in life.

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Of course, the phrase is symbolic, but that's where the artist tries to metaphorically. Crossing knowledge, using it almost as a machined channel, similar experience to when committing the recklessness of driving the car talking on the cell phone, almost without realizing the route made, you reach destination... Surely this feeling “unconscious” in the good sense of the phrase, when talking about art, will happen in several moments of the realization of the work, if there was an artist's attitude. The professional is different from the artist, is more balanced, less transgressive, application of pure trade, is to arrive preponderantly by intellectual knowledge. This usually will not have time to take creative risks (forgiveness “creators”) and will have to take safer paths. Yes, during the performance of the artist will come the stage, then, of critically looking at the painter, with the need to look objectively, as if he had not painted it himself and will thus be able to have a certain distance from what has been done, in order to comprehensively correct if something does not sound in the director's harmony. Using, now yes, the theoretical knowledge left as teaching by the great masters of art history, in order to discern whether the intention sought in the painting is achieved. As in love, in art, first gives that immediate hitch, almost animal, that love someone “adrenalytically” (if there is the word), and then move on to the part of building that beautiful and vibrant beginning where the first brush stroke was fired that always leads to a new and unique experience. Or the first look, if we talk about human couples. Living with your heart and explaining, if you can, with criterion or knowledge, is the premise. And yes, of course, for life too, right? What happens in the painting happens in life... ArTE @rte

Publication Date: 11/10/2018

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