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Pampean literature: “Lace of bobbins”

Pampas writer Margarita Bastián presented her latest book entitled “Lace of bobbins”. We tell you what this is about.

Art and Literature

With Ediciones Amerindia, this pampean writer presented a book that takes up the invisibility of today's woman. It combines literature and history, while  paying tribute to a group of women  who knew how to make themselves heard.

 About her book and the role of women 

 Lace bobbins  brings together stories of women who knew how to be spinners at a time in our history. He shares anecdotes about that  feminine  art and that ancient weaving technique that gave value to the dexterity of these women's hands and their pieces. The work also  values the thoughts , silently or not, of the injustices  and patriarchy of those times.

As far as literary is concerned, this book is a short work made up of texts and photographs that highlight fiction and the correlate with the present. With an ironic tone, his texts transcend spaces and  macho paternalism .

Margarita  relives in her text the great women of our history . It reminds the Italian painter of the seventeenth century (Gentileschi), the republican fighters of the Spanish Civil War and the Cordoba women who denounced the ravages of glyphosate. Also the character of Paty Redondo, who was harassed for her proposal to incorporate comprehensive sex education into the curriculum at the Colegio República. “All these characters inspired me, strengthened me and deserved a special place in my stories. I had to share them because we educated collectively, and their stories are an example for many women, “explained the  Pampean writer .

 Reflections on children and mandates acquired  

The author invites readers to rethink about social mandates. Using self-reference, he incorporates into his stories moments of his childhood and his toys as a clear  example of the   thing taught  . He remembers his red Duravit truck, a rubber ball, his black leather doll and his illustrated story books.

“ Before learning to write, I imagined stories climbed into the tree of my childhood in the house of Pico and Uruguay street. The characters have inhabited me ever since. From time to time they take shape and star the fictions protected in an imaginary ready to be shared and chatted. That's what it's all about. Share, enjoy and think.”

Margarita Bastian

Publication Date: 27/01/2020

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