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Natalia Cambre: “The work ends up being two”

Interview with Natalia Cambre, visual artist and producer.

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Natalia Cambre
How do you sign your works and why?

I sign them N Cambre. I tried in several ways over the course of the last few years and with this I felt more identified, finally.

What is giving?


What is it about receiving?

Love oneself, from there you can receive everything!

What is  art ? Is everything a work of art or are there limits?

There are no limits, the important thing is that the work generates something profound in those who observe it. It may be something nice or not so cute, but art mobilizes, excites, makes you think, observe, stop and enjoy... even for a while.

Are you self-taught or have you studied?

100% self-taught.

Your work is abstract. What does the abstract that you call so much in these times? Looks more wanted...

Yeah, always paint  abstract . I really like to see how each observer sees different things in my paintings, so the work ends up being two.

What is your usual palette and why?

It's amazing but 80% of my paintings are made with the same palette. I like red, aquamarine green, orange, fuchsia... I feel very comfortable with those tones.

Why are colors important when  painting ?

Because they increase the range of possibilities and a lot. Apart with colors you can generate emotions that with black and white you can hardly reach.

Something you have as a hobby or recurrent...

I have one, I don't know if hobby, but something that happened to me when I started to be present in the art world. I always liked painting a lot. At first, when I went to live alone at the age of twenty-three, I began to give brushstrokes to canvases looking at everything that came across me on the road (he laughs). Also what  literally came across me : I painted tables, refrigerators, doors, fabrics, lamps, trays and even teapots! I got to do things commissioned by friends and I happy as they were asked to the artist who was born in me. It's a sublime feeling because of those “home orders” the artist who shows himself in full later, right? I was paid on top of it!

Do you keep any of those interventions?

Yes, I have some very dear ornaments in my house. Another day I show them to you, (he confesses to me almost secretly). (And it is encouraged...) I have a hidden door. I keep it — among other things — because it is the door of my adolescence, its colors, its texture, its shadows. It's  my  door, my self back then. Plus everything that means a door (laugh again like those who know the Freudian question is coming but I'm not going to ask it; it's too obvious).

Where do you paint? Do you have a fixed place or broken?

I paint in a corner of my house where I set up a  workshop , it is my favorite refuge, I love it; when I'm there and I prepare to create, everything becomes magical.

 Artist  is born or done or both...

I think both; we have to develop, either with training or with a lot of practice: painting, painting, painting...

A dream?

Having a large workshop in my own home; I like to experiment with other techniques and use various materials; also recycle. For that, I need space. It's going to be given to me soon.

Something that was fulfilled

So many things! I'm very grateful to my life.

What prevents creating?

The worries.

Are you doing anything else besides being a painter?

I am a producer, I divide my days between the 2 activities which I love in the same way.

I look at one of his many paintings, one in particular strikes me: intense turquoises embrace colors, oranges and an imperceptible white.

I'm going home with the image of a flower labyrinth.

Publication Date: 16/01/2021

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