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Maria De los Milagros Baylac: the art of giving love from feeling, without borders, without waiting

When she was a girl she had a vision: “to be able to paint someday all the old and gray houses in her city to brighten people.”

Art and Literature
artista plastica
You were born in Bahía Blanca, what made you come to Buenos Aires?

I was born in Bahía Blanca and I came to Buenos Aires at age 18 to study. I have a degree in International Relations.

What differences do you find today after 22 years? How would your life have been if you hadn't come to Buenos Aires?

Clearly my life would have been different. What marked my openness and worldview was having lived six months in Canada when I finished high school. It made me think about the world and all those places I'd like to meet.

What is art? Is it all art? Where is the limit, if there is?

Art allows us to undress our soul. See our reflection, our being, harmony and inner  chaos  . We also discovered blocks and what permission we give to be free and explore ourselves. Art cultivates the possibility of being flexible in the face of uncertainty, allows us to embrace the present, get out of mind and connect with creation and play. Celebrate, we see each other children again, we release emotions.

 I can't stop it, I don't want to stop it. The artist transmute into that being that gives without borders. Unknowingly, it's nurturing me, and I, I agree.  

Art allows you to mutate, change and, above all, be flexible before stimulus and before others; it makes us out of limits, reinvent ourselves. He gives us permissions to play.

 His eyes illuminated, the light radiating his smile, his lips that dance with the rhythm of the story... 

Are you a writer, you tell experiences, trips... how did this need arise?

I'm a great  reader . Books have always been my great teachers, who teach me to reflect. I write reality and what I feel. I have a lot of writing, I don't show everything.

What do you feel like you give when you count? What is the feedback of people?

I create empathy when I write and the feedback is huge and encouraging. I have to cheer up. In this quarantine I thought I'd write more, I haven't succeeded yet.

What's wrong with you?

I have my moments, like everyone else. I'm very loyal to every moment. I clearly choose happiness in my daily walk. Being happy is a choice, it doesn't depend on the outside.

Paint priest? If it were, what heals in you?

 Art heals , helps you communicate what happens to you, what you feel. Any artistic activity invites you to drop what is inside. In the case of painting, one can see the emotions that are contained within a person by colors. Each color involves an emotion.

An example?

Each color involves an emotion. Yellow, for example, connects you with success, with brightness, with leaving your comfort zone. The red with passion and the animal that we have inside. It always denotes survival. Every color tells us about us.

 Continue ...

I always say that plastic art gives you permission to get an x-ray of your emotions. You unite your conscious with your unconscious. You have to be able to connect with the blank sheet and let the colors flow. Be the detonator so that your images find a channel and place on the sheet of paper.

Art helps me see and understand me. It lets me be all my expansion.

What is it like to be a traveler of the world? What does it contribute to you personally? Do you turn it into your art?

I travel to paint. I paint to travel. I don't know anymore. Borders don't exist in my life. Traveling gives me inspiration to share. It expands my life and allows me to meet myself. I want to know the whole world, that's my goal. Every trip I learn, I see myself, I find myself.

Doesn't giving so much love leave you empty? How do you feed back?

Giving and receiving in balance is my way of living. Life is very good to me. I live in abundance and in certainties. I trust my way. Everything is perfect.

What is the word? What is a brush?

The word is  magic  in action. What you say condemns you or opens doors. A brush is my magic wand to dream.

Why did you cut your hair?

I had cancer and my hair fell off. It's part of the healing process, starting over.

 Fresh, authentic, brave, I admire the woman in front of me. Not because of her illness but for her walking through life with a backpack of hope and twinned with what she's up to live 

Is the image everything or is it pure story?

The image is the reflection of the soul. What one shows needs content. Everyone lives in his own bubble the reality that touches him in relation to what vibrates. We attract according to what we are.

Do you believe in something superior? What?

When we begin to accept where we come from, we learn to accept who we are. I don't believe in anything anymore and I believe in everything. I think the more experiences one lives, the more we find ourselves embracing all the paths of being. I choose respect for each other and embrace the mystery of life.

How does tarot fit into your life?

Tarot is a tool that helps me read the invisible world. He's a messenger of the subtle world. You just have to learn to read the Stars, to be able to find your destiny and be able to understand your heart. It is a guide to better choose our way and listen to what is happening inside. The best teacher is always oneself. Art, meditation and tarot are universal languages.

You're surrounded by a lot of people who love you, but are you lonely?

I like my inner world and I think we all need to respect our personal spaces to be happy. I'm very happy.

Have they loved you? Did you love?

I've loved a lot and I still love. Love is my engine and my compass. I love my privacy too and take care of my privacy.

Do you like animals? Which ones?

I like animals in freedom. I'm very free and I feel like an animal needs its habitat. My favorite animals are rabbit, butterflies, birds, elephant and tiger, in that order.

How do you get out of a downturn?

First accepting that I don't feel well. Second, I connect with the movement by understanding it as an activity or asking for help. Human beings are social beings and we need each other.

What of everything you do or have you done likes you most? You are a complete artist: murals, stained glass windows, paintings, interviews, workshops, tarot, fabrics, blankets to meditate... uf!

I like everything. I think the possibility of being a range of possibilities speaks about permits. I like being the protagonist of my life and I don't like getting bored. I'm re-invented and let me play.

Is today's world the reign upside down or is it always and now we are becoming aware?

The world is how you want to see it. There is not a single vision but different perspectives and ways of living it. I would say that the world is a great opportunity to play and be and I find it a wonderful place with all its contrasts.

Particularly to me, the words resilience, heal, empower, flow have me fed up. What's wrong with you?

I think that being labeled all the time to understand things makes us forget about living and feeling. I think everything is perfect in today and I connect with that one here and now.

An unforgettable trip?

I've got a lot. But having lived in Holland and Canada I carry it in my soul. Australia always helps me grow and be better. India was a gift to my soul.

You look happy and grateful. And that conveys a giant joy and hope. What are you missing?

I couldn't say I'm missing. I don't like to see what I don't have. I think we have what we need to live and at the Right Time. I am very grateful for my experience on this earth and dreams move me, fulfill dreams. I'm always projecting new possibilities to play, believe, live. How free are you to change? There's the answer.

Something you want to add...

I'm a dreamer,  traveler , passionate. The colors show my way of looking at reality and communicating messages for the soul. My artistic activity is dedicated to revaluing women's place, connecting with intuition and ability to create, as well as working for children and the inner child that we all carry inside.

 When I was a girl she had the dream of painting the gray houses... Maria de los Milagros Baylac gave brushstrokes of joy not only to houses but to people, switched gray for the colors of the rainbow and embraced thousands of people with her brush and light, even me. I didn't know, my thing, but sometimes I sneaky into the notes. Thank you Maria, you taught me so much! 

Publication Date: 26/09/2020

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