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Let's fill the mandalas beach

This is the message of Agó Paez Vilaró in conjunction with the British Hospital.

Art and Literature

Uruguayan  artist  Agó Paez Vilaró, once again, demonstrates her empathy and generosity by agreeing to participate in this video for the British Hospital.

It is an invitation for everyone to maintain the  social distance  necessary to take care of this  pandemic   that afflicts us all but that we can all say goodbye.

Agó Páez Vilaró is the protagonist of this short film and invites us to draw a mandala in the sand to take care of us.

Let us each make our mandala, real or imaginary, in the sand or wherever we are, to embrace us strong and that  the sea  -refuge if there is - and the sun, which this artist gives us in her art and with your smile, give us the strength to be free again.

Maria Cabeza  @mariacabezawriter 

Short: British Hospital  @hospitalbritanico 

Protagonist: Agó Paez Vilaró  @agopaezvilaro 

Publication Date: 11/02/2021

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By: Clau Pas 11 February, 2021

Q hermoso me encantan los mandalas y q linda idea para concientizar de los cuidados en estos momentos de pandemia.

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