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Travel to the center of my home

In a proposal from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Catamarca, “Travel to the center of my house” proposes to count the quarantine in the first person.

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Viaje al centro de mi casa

In these days when we are in isolation to preserve our health and that of all — and with time available to do things we like or things we have long been postponing — find ourselves in our home or our most intimate environment interpels us from the depths of our human condition, which can lead to us sitting down and writing. That's what “Travel to the center of my house” is about, an invitation to tell the experience of quarantine for  catamarqueans .

In a major initiative, the   Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Catamarca   invites Catamarqueans to participate in “Travel to the Center of My House”, a collaborative project that seeks to generate a memory of this time so particular that crosses the world, starting from chronicles that everyone writes about their days at home, freely and creatively. Thus, people are sought to encourage themselves to write a particular experience in each case, but that they have a common thread.
The intention is that writing becomes a tool for channeling emotions, reflections and narrating the daily life of these days at home.

The proposal

The chronicle is an attempt to tell — always from a personal gaze — a time or, as  Leila Guerriero,  an eminence in this branch, says, an attempt to understand and tell the world. The time we go through has no similarity with known situations. Therefore, from the Catamarqueño Ministry they say: “We propose to become chroniclers of this time and leave a daily and simple record of these days of confinement for future generations and to, from multiple Catamarquean voices, be able to build a chronicle of the time.”

The selected texts will become part of a digital book that can then be read on social networks. The bases and conditions or any questions can be communicated with

Publication Date: 11/04/2020

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