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“I like it or I don't like it.”

If you like art, enjoy a painting, and why not, buy one, they are not unattainable.

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When buying a  painting , it is usually the phrase that causes discomfort for those who manage the art world. The painting could be chosen from a certain challenging imprint of the painter, but it is common to prioritize whether it will match the color of the armchair or furniture. The phrases “like” or “do not like” seem to delimit the work of art to a decorative product, a very recurring fact in our society when buying art.And why not?

Buying a painting is it for anyone?

As for hundreds of objects or other products, there are a group of people directly linked to the niche, as is often said “this is a niche product”. And in this way it seems that the rest of mortals, those who do not “belong” should not even approach or be interested. It's not going to be something that they become popular and all the glamour around the subject in question would be blurred by the mere fact that you can find it around the corner, in any neighbor's house. And it's not just about art, if we think there are several more examples.Who hasn't felt accused of admitting that he likes well-cooked roast or adding soda to the wine?

Ladies and gentlemen, meals,  paintings , music and so much more are defined at the end of the road and remain valid by the exchange of value. That is: the artist produces and to continue in the task needs whoever buys his work. It does not matter whether the buyer is a connoisseur or not. He likes or doesn't like the play. Point. The reasons why you decide the investment exceed the creator.

Surely that earthly drop brings him closer to the “consumer” of our society who is not used to buying art, because of the excessive conceptualization of “marketing”, which seems to make it unattainable, when in reality it is not.

Go out to discover art, don't wait

There are many  painters  of very good aesthetics in Argentina, at very affordable prices, that would give an atmosphere a differential value in the decoration, and to one, the pleasure of experiencing such a work. Perhaps it is necessary to dive into the artistic atmosphere a little to discover them. As a researcher, with some curiosity in the backpack and why not, wanting to have a good time, it wouldn't be a bad idea to become a seeker. Explore independent galleries, attend art and design  fairs  , read magazines and blogs dedicated to the subject. Join groups on social networks, sign up for a workshop or course. There are many ways to meet contemporary artists, with valuable works to their credit, only because they are not well known (at least for now), they are still accessible. Because, of course, the signature of a painter is often worth more than the work itself, that no one is surprised. Going to the extreme, we can quote the renowned Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh who during his lifetime barely sold a single painting. The rest is to tell the very high value that his paintings have long ago.

Great masters, such as Da Vinci, Picasso, etc., left founding legacies, which make today's artists continue to renew this art from the knowledge they have left, suitable for these times and their needs.

Leaving aside such historical mastery, if you like a painting enjoy it. And as a person who reads the manual of a new car, you can do it with the artist's resume and his proposal, or not.

It's simple: if you mobilize and find it cute, avanti! It's possible! There are in our society and very good!

For other searches, there's the museum.

Art, art, art.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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