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Gloria Montoya, a reference in Entrerrian art

Gloria Montoya has become a cultural reference, revolutionized art and also became a subject of study for researchers.

Art and Literature

He was born in Paraná on 20 April 1936 and died in the same city on 15 January 1996.  Gloria Montoya  studied at the Provincial School of Visual Arts in Paraná. He continued at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes Ernesto de la Cárcova and in the workshop of the artist Vicente Forte. Since the 1950s he participated in salons, awards and scholarships. In 1960, he received a scholarship from the province of Entre Ríos to study painting in Paris. This allowed him to travel through various European capitals, get in touch with avant-garde movements and art of all times. Then he would also visit cities in Africa and other continents, placing his impressions in travel journals in which he was shaping his artistic production.

He returned to  Entre Ríos  to settle in his hometown, joining  Group 633 , along with  Felipe Aldama and  Gerardo Zapata . With Zapata he exhibited in Galería El Sol in Buenos Aires in 1965. He was a reference in Entrerrian plastic between the 1960s and 1980s. She was also a writer and poet, they are books of poems of her authorship:  Goodbye to cities and other poems ,  Heaven swallowed the stars, Earth America and  Stories traspapeladas . Also noteworthy is his teaching practice and various official positions and missions.

 Montoya Research 

 Adriana Armando  and Guillermo Fantoni  did it in the book  Diaries de viaje, diario de vida . They are works by Gloria Montoya between 1955 and 1968. Researchers developed a thorough and extensive research work. Armando and Fantoni highlight the vastness of their  work , the proposed transformations and its intensity. Also the fact that it had led to the gathering of artists in the famous 633 Group. Researchers claim that the figure of Gloria Montoya is one of the most relevant of Entre Ríos art and, therefore, of Argentine art of the 20th century.

 Exhibition of Montoya's art and work 

The province of the coast had a different cultural day. The exhibition of paintings by the renowned Parana plastic artist, Gloria Montoya, allowed to see works from different periods of the artist. This was done as a tour of different moments in his life.

The exhibition was organized by the Cultural Agenda of Siderer and the Institutional Cooperative. Mario Martegani, coordinator of the Cultural Agenda, led this public and free cultural event.

The exhibition of Gloria Montoya's works came up with the idea of a meeting and not an exhibition. This was what  Mercedes Daneri thought, one of the daughters of the  Entrerrian artist . The sample was not framed as such. But the atmosphere, the works and the importance of the protagonist gave her a category of artistic exhibition. It is a tour of Gloria's work, which is very vast. Montoya was a plastic artist who toured the world with a very good try to rescue, to get informed. Above all, there is a rescue of black art, which has been usurped, copied and denied. She does research vindication of black art when very strong cultural processes were taking place in the world.

Source:  Uno Entre Rios 

Publication Date: 26/12/2019

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