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Liberate, release, express or copy

It is very common to take references in painting that have ease and lightness when painting.

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It is very common to take references in  painting  that have ease and lightness when painting. Imitating them is tempting, by who seeks in art a recreational activity or a lighter  path  .

Imitating superficial gestures of an  artist  is frustating, because he came to a synthesis after years of being consistent in achieving it. This synthesis happens after acquiring deep knowledge of art and after a lot of practice, which achieve a personal language through their own combinations, this being unique and unrepeatable.

“Easy painting is the hardest thing.” Learning the pillars of this art to be  free  is not a long way and the process is enjoyable. The choice of the teacher in training is always key. There is no  liberate ,  let go ,  express, if there is no good training. The one that everyone needs, little or much, but from the good, noble and verified, through the legacy left by the great  artists.   Those who are in the books

Why do we paint?

Finding the root of the desire that comes to connect with the paint, may be somewhat complicated. Some might think it's something that comes into the unconscious. We bring it from other lives, it is an expression of the Being that accompanies humanity since ancient times. Painting and drawing were born before writing. There's proof of it. In many places on the planet traces were found, some in perfect condition, of drawings on stone. Man already connected with artistic expression without knowing that what he did was art. There was something instinctive for sure. And that instinct remains to this day. When we give a very young baby or child the ability to draw and paint, it does without hesitation. It's something they enjoy and it comes out naturally. Probably at that early age we have the great advantage of not having developed (or learned) the limiting judgments, those that later disconnect us. Before we catalog what is good or bad, cute or ugly, we are all artists. The point is that we allow ourselves to play as children, the painting is playful, recreational and we do not expect anyone's approval. Over time these issues are lost and with that, we lose, too, the infinite possibilities that art offers.

You don't need to live from art to cheer up

In a dual society and governed by principles of “this is worth, the other is not” it seems that painting is excluded from the life of the person who intends to “prosper”. It does not support the pursuit of stability, financial security, professional growth. However, leaving aside that artistic side, with it we're all born, can be a big mistake. It is the way by which moods, emotions and ideas can be channeled that often from the intellect and the rational side are not able to process. For some it may be a means of life, with all the energy put there, even with order and discipline. They can study university careers directly linked to art. But it can also be a  hobby  and a complement to any other activity in life. Does a mathematical scientist have the brush vetoed? Of course not. Art is for everyone. Painting does well. Then there will be studies, techniques and teachers for those who feel the desire to deepen, learn and improve their productions. We encourage it to be so, but not that the same limit us.

Where to learn more?

We share some links to websites where you can find  workshops  at affordable prices, some free and face-to-face or virtual. There are no excuses anymore. We hope you find some good option and that you will be encouraged.

 Art, art, art. 

Publication Date: 06/06/2018

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