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Dylan and his dream drawing

Dylan Alba, from St. Louis, drew a dream, a fantasy, and was one of the chosen ones at the world event Expochess, which mixes art and social chess.

Art and Literature

The drawing of a child sleeping on an armchair, with a dog upstairs, while dreaming of a game of chess, won a contest. He was chosen as one of the winners of the international art and chess competition  Expochess.  The drawing was made by  Dylan Alba  , who attends the “Albert Einstein” Digital Public School in St. Louis. Pride is double, since the school was the only invited by the organizing committee of Spain, to represent  Argentina .

To participate, Expochess asks contestants to create a drawing or painting that combines art and chess. To do his work,” said Dylan, “he drew inspiration from himself, his dog and his favorite game. The little boy took second place in his class.

In addition to Dylan Alba, more than two hundred students of the “Einstein” produced drawings, helped by their parents and teachers. All the paintings were part of an internal expo, in which the teachers selected half a dozen to send to the contest. Within that small choice was Dylan's work of art, which captivated Expochess judges.


Dylan's passion

Juan Carlos Lucero, member of the ULP Chess Program, said that Dylan is one of the most applied students when it comes to  playing . And also very shy. “When they told us he had won, the whole institution was happy, for the school and for him,” Lucero said.

In 2019, Expochess had an important participation: four continents were represented by fourteen countries. Thousands of drawings came from different countries, bringing art and chess closer to children between 6 and 14 years old; combining art and  chess  as tools for inclusion and social development.

Source:  San Luis Agency 

Publication Date: 31/01/2020

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