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Cordoba under umbrella

We tell you all about the tradition of Portugal that filled Cordoba with umbrellas and painted thousands of colors the city's markets.

This is an intervention that came up for  Valentine's Day . It is the imitation of a Portuguese tradition, which turned an ordinary street into a  work of art.  This is the street of colorful umbrellas. It aims not only to add color to the day of love, but also to generate more movement and recognition to the activity of the  Cordoba markets .

On this occasion, the intervention was made within the framework of the programme  “In love with the markets” . It is an idea that arises with the intention of revaluing the markets and bringing them back to life. Thus, the city's  gastronomic and tourist poles  , immersed in these spaces, take colour. This passage flooded with good energy will be the post that will host different events. Whether culinary or cultural, they will invite Argentines to live unique experiences.

 Give joy, joy to the market 

It was an initiative of the Municipality. However, the intervention is kept alive for every tourist or Cordoba who gives value to these events. The   North Market   and the  South Market  are overcrowded and important points of Cordoba. The streets intervened were Rivadavia and the Republic of Israel.  Relive the passion  for certain parts of the city was the intention.

This space will remain alive and available for various events. From food fairs to outdoor cinemas. From cultural walks to artistic encounters.

The  colors  that invaded the Markets are diverse, as are the number of activities planned around them. That is why this proposal brings us life and gives back to the city “its spark”. The postcards resulting from this intervention are beautiful.  A sky covered in colors  that fills us with life. Restaurants and businesses in this area experienced this  evolution  of umbrellas . With thousands of new visitors and people who revisited the Market, generating a  new experience .

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