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Borges warned us about the dangers of Iceland in a poem

Jorge Luis Borges, who said that “football is popular because stupidity is popular”

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 Jorge Luis Borges , who said that “football is popular because stupidity is popular”, had the boldness to die eight days before the best goal in world championship history: Maradona's goal to the English.

But perhaps this was a strategy to rejoice intellectuals; perhaps he liked football and from his poetry he encouraged us in his own way.

And who is better than don  Honorio Bustos Domecq  to consult about this anguish that afflicts us these days and the prediction of the master about the final result.

Interviewer:  Don Honorio , good afternoon. You who met Borges in person, who may have been his most intimate confessor, what do you think he brought us for this hour?

H.B.D.: If we refer to the poem “Iceland”, he makes it clear; already at the start he gives us a message of encouragement “What bliss for all men, Iceland of the seas you exist”.

For a lover of handsome and compadrito it, it is clear who the blissful men will be after this bid.

Interviewer: So for you, or for Borges, rather, it is a sung triumph.

H.B.D.: Not young; it's not that easy. You see, when you warn us “Iceland of stationary afternoons and strong men”, the warning is clear, you have to run, you have to jump and dodge the scyañazo, because we have Messi, but they have Armason to not let it go. And by the end of the poem, which is already the end of the match, with his voice drowned much more than the usual murmur, he whispers to Marcos Rojo, Otamendi and Caballero, his favorite, “Iceland, of the night that is domed over wakefulness and sleep” and then he finishes off “Iceland, of the great memory concave, which is not a nostalgia”.

Interviewer: Sorry don Honorio but I don't understand.

H.B.D.: It is clear the message my little boy, not to fall asleep, because at the last minute, free throw with rope to the second stick to water the party.

Publication Date: 13/06/2018

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