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Artistic manifestations exist since man is man.

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pintura-arte como necesidad básica

 Artistic   manifestations  exist since man is man. Music, dance and plastic  arts  , at first; lyrics, theatre, photography, design, then. We might think they are not substantial for life — not we need to eat or meet our basic needs, but the fact that they are spontaneously generated in civilizations so separated in time and space, shows us that this is not the case.

A discussion that is already resolved

The debate over the cultural issue and its importance for the life of  society  is resolved: artistic and cultural expressions are intrinsic to the development of humanity. There will be nuances and it will be possible to discuss the space and dynamics of the intervention of sectors of the state, especially the financial issue. Each will have priorities and someone could ensure that the health budget would benefit from what is meant for culture. And so, other postures of the style. The truth is that it would be wrong to approach the idea from the perspective “I get out of here and put there” and link it exclusively to the “expense” that it originates. Let's imagine, although it is very difficult to see that I propose, what life would be like without music, or without literature, for example. I don't know about you, but I have an anguish and a sense of emptiness of just writing it.

The National Arts Fund, a key body for our culture

Because of their importance to the culture of a people, it is essential to promote them. This was what was the creation of the  National Arts Fund by Decree No. 1224/58 on February 3, 1958. This autonomous body was born with the task of administering, raising and distributing funds for the promotion of the arts provided for by  law .

Architecture, visual arts, crafts, dance, design, lyrics, audiovisual media, music, theater, plastic arts are some of the disciplines that receive encouragement from the Fund.  Scholarships, competitions, loans and subsidies  are the means through which financial support is provided to promote these activities .  

 The agency has its own financial resources provided for in its Organic Charter,  and is authorized by law to collect a tax called the public payable domain, which is charged for the works after the deadline for copyright protection has expired  (in the majority) a of cases 70 years after the author's death). It also has income obtained from the fees and fines of the Law on Intellectual Property No. 11,723 and interest on loans, extraordinary contributions and securities.

 Artists  such as Antonio Berni, Jorge Luis Borges, Sara Facio, Leonardo Favio, Julio Le Parc, Ricardo Piglia, Alejandra Pizarnik and Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, among many others, have participated in their programs or obtained some of the services they offer.

The FNA has a wide artistic heritage: its own collection of visual arts, handicrafts, filming and books . Also a library and media library specialized and open to the public.

The library gathers specialized bibliography on the disciplines contemplated by the body. There are texts on plastic arts, Argentine literature, theater, music, folklore, architecture, sculpture and photography , among other topics.

In order to enrich the  Argentine cultural heritage , 60 years ago the need to create this institution, which today has yielded in what was the home of  Victoria Ocampo — who was part of the Board of the Fund until 1973 — in Barrio Parque. Since then, vogue for the expansion of  art  and  culture  in the country: all that we do not need to survive, but perhaps we do.

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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