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Andy Turletti, from Palo del Arte, from Palo del Amor

Andy Turletti is an entrepreneur. Simple and passionate. She defines herself as a true artist in textile design.

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By:  María Cabeza 

How were you given to make textiles for decoration?

-Well, I come from the art stick, I'm a  plastic artist ; all my life had to do with drawing, painting creating. I am an  entrepreneur  and I have been with textile design for a long time.

What do you want to transmit through your art?

-Living simple

Do you think you made it?

- Yes, answer safely.

How did you find out?

-For my  clients  who tell me, I have very good feedback with them; they come back, recommend me to their friends, we become friends! It generates a very good  link .

It's great!

-Yes, my work is about  small pieces of art  in textile parts translucent on tablecloths, pillows, bedspreads, curtains, everything that makes a home decoration. My objects are hugging cushions, tables to surround them with affections, blankets to cover...

You name a lot of love, affection. Is love missing in this world today?

-At some point, we'd have to be more  compassionate . There are many humans but  little humanity .

How did your store name come up?

-Dedicated to two   pets  , two dog loves, Cira and Simon. I'm a dog lover.

Can you say you're pure love?

-Yes. (Smile, at the limit of emotion)

You're very loving, you know? His heavenly eyes glow wet. Continue...

-It's good to be able to link, to be simpler, to “live” in a less complex way.

You transmit joy, empathy, it's very good

- Thank you. I'm very  happy  with what I do.


- I have this place here in  La Aldea  during the summer and we are going to open a showroom in Pilar, I have online sale, wholesale, to brands

Ever vacation?

- Yeah, yeah, I need it now. I'm going to the mountains.  Cordoba  is my place in the world.

Of what you do, is there something or a process that pleases you more than another?

-No, everything is cute, stamping, dying, looking for colors, looking at fabrics; it's beautiful. Everything is a  creative process.

Define what you do in a word, if you can

- I can tell you what I feel:  passion 

And you?

-Entrepreneurial and persevering

I choose to go for coffee instead of going home: infected with energy and impregnated with colors, scents and textures... I asked Philip to set the Kravitz temón.

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Publication Date: 27/12/2019

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