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Ana Maria Fontán: the rebirth of a writer

Ana María Fontán has just published her first book, “An idea of risk”. We tell you what this story is about that you can't miss.

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  Borges  said: “Any fate, no matter how long and complicated it may be, actually consists of only one moment: the moment when man knows forever who he is.” That moment — something similar to what the Japanese call  satori — comes to everyone at some point in life: some are reached before, others later.  Ana Maria Fontán writes from a little girl. Her path, however, led her in other directions. Today,  grandmother and pensioner , took up that creative impulse and shaped it:  she just edited her first book, An Idea of Risk.  

Ana Maria is Argentinean, but she has lived in Spain for 17 years. Writing is her first love, one that accompanied her throughout her life. Until now, however, I had never given her a preponderant place because she felt insecure. Or, maybe, because it just wasn't the time. But today it is:  today is the time of Ana Maria Fontán, a writer. 

“I always liked writing, since I was a child. He made booklets with folded leaves and gave them to my mother. He wrote and kept everything he was doing. Now that I'm a grandmother and retired, I have more time and I've decided to move forward with my writer side,” she says. “ I always had a restless, creative mind, that ended up turning into paper .”

 About   an idea of risk 

His first book is a story of overcoming:

Nuria was a girl who was stubborn in meeting her goal. He set the bar at the top. He fought hard to achieve it. He lashed out with all his strength and enthusiasm, but it was not easy, and in pursuit of a dream, he devised an uncommon plan between absurd and original. It was an idea that came up little by little and gave an unexpected result. Nuria, counting on the unconditional support of her brother and two friends, added to her iron will, boldness and some unconsciousness, left aside everything that could divert her from her path, including love. That road was full of twists and that's how he put his life in danger. In their adventure, which begins in Betanzos and ends in Madrid, they intermingle intrigue, suspense, romance and an encounter with the Italian mafia.

The author tells us about it: “So far all the opinions and criticisms I have received have been good. It is a book that hooks from the beginning and conveys a message of overcoming, of fighting, of moving forward even if everything is against you.”

 The projects continue 

Sometimes you just need to take the first step: the following ones are always much simpler. This is why, with her first book published,  Ana María Fontán  is already preparing her  next works  . One of them is a collection of stories — some written long ago and some new ones — that will be part of his next book:  Tales to tear and others to smile. 

“I want to take every opportunity to continue to enjoy the pleasure of writing, telling stories and being able to reach people,” the author tells us.

We look forward to having the opportunity to continue enjoying your work.

 How to buy   An idea of risk 

The book is available in soft cover editing and e-book on Amazon. To purchase it, you can contact Ana María Fontán through her  Facebook  or by e-mail: escritoraamfontan@gmail.com.

Publication Date: 17/12/2019

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