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Alejandro Protato and the Argentine Land Art

The exhibition “Permanent Dawn” by artist Alejandro Protato can be visited for free until December 8.

Art and Literature
La muestra porteña de Propato

Argentina is a site of talented artists who find, despite the usual unfavorable conditions of our country for economic support to art, the way to create  relevant and rupturist works . The ability of our creators, whatever branch they are (painting, sculpture, music, not to mention  literature ) is admired worldwide. But there is one who still does not enjoy the recognition it deserves,  which we are going to try to correct . I mean  Alejandro Protato .

 Protato  was born in Buenos Aires in the late 60s, but lived in Mendoza, Chubut and Santa Cruz. While he is  an architect by  profession, during the last twenty years he developed, in parallel, a surprising artistic activity: he is dedicated to the sculpture of great dimensions,  which is also known as “land art” . His creations were exhibited in England, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and  Australia .

The porteña exhibition of Protato

But now, at last, Probato's work  arrived in the city of Buenos Aires . After going through a festival in Australia, “Permanent Dawn” is installed in the Children's Park.

Describing a work of art is in itself a virtually impossible task, but what can be said without fear of making a mistake is that, with its huge dimensions (almost 50 meters long and 15 meters wide), it beautifully underlines the horizon of the Rio de la Plata and  resignifies the landscape . There are not many cases where you can “tour” a sculpture while appreciating an installation. The more than  15 km of colored tances  joined by the 44 aluminum masts that intersect to converge into a single central point, recreate the way in which the sun's rays are seen on the river's horizon at the exact time of dawn.  A more than recommended experience .

The exhibition can be seen  from Tuesday to Sunday from 08 to 19 in Parque de los Niños  (Cantilo and Av. General Paz) and will be installed until Sunday 8 December. Being free and free admission, it is a very tempting possibility to walk with the family and see a little art. What, those who know say,  does the spirit very good .

Publication Date: 20/11/2019

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