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“A free spirit that through its art reflects desires for peace and union.”

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Andrés Mariani

Interview with Andrés Mariani. “Reason can give us science, but only the unconscious can produce art”: Sigmund Freud. This is expressed by Andrés Mariani, a  free spirit  who cannot be reduced to any kind of artistic influence or nation or theme or heritage. A man with style and vision of his own who through his art reflects his desires for peace and union.

In the framework of the  Copa Libertadores , the notable Rosarino artist resident of Barcelona today is presenting his latest work in Buenos Aires and generously shares his words about his opinions, ideas and emotions.

  Why are you returning to Argentina today?   

I came to bring a play to auction at the Boca party for a charitable purpose, it is always very pleasant for me to come back. I've been living in  Barcelona for 10 years. Inspired by Lio's football and getting to know his family, I started painting for the Barcelona club and from there I worked for different clubs in Europe, always motivated by the fan's passion. Then in Argentina there was just the Superclassic having painted this work.

  How did you find Argentina?   

Something that struck me socially about Argentina is that they have to play these popular festivals, the best Argentine party, behind closed doors for the swollen visitor. I think a great attraction is lost, being that in Europe the swollen have neither the attractiveness nor the Argentine passion for football. Then I painted this work where the two Boca-River passions united by the Copa Libertadores are reflected, in order to convey that even in the rivalry the encounter is possible.

  What is your perspective on Argentina living in another country?   

The truth is that I knew Argentina more when I was in Europe than having been born and lived in Argentina 38 years of my life.

  How do you think of Argentines?   

We are poorly educated, always looking at the United States and Europe and they don't teach us to see the Argentine wealth and how really beautiful  our country is. We are a country of immigrants who instilled us to Spain as the mother country and Italy as our second home and all that is born from a young age .  

  What do you miss?   

Mainly social, humor, improvisation. All this does not exist in the old continent, it is the opposite. And the  roast  and the mate !  

  Would you come back?   

Yes. I'm actually planning it. For now it's going to be a go and forth .  

  What is the origin of being an artist?   

In my childhood I did cartoons and portraits and saw my father who was an aeromodist and was always working with his hands .  

  Any Argentinean who inspired you?   

At the age of 11 I came to Buenos Aires to represent Rosario in a painting contest and I won. That marked me. My parents supported me to go to the painting side, the illustration. I lived near the Black Fontanarrosa and one day I went to visit him with my carpetita de carpetita de carpetita de carpetita de carpetita and he asked me several times: “What are you, Andrew? ”. I was answering “a boy.” And he said, “You have to answer 'I'm a cartoonist! '”. Another anecdote is that I had military service in Chubut. They put us all in an enclosure and gave us a sheet and a pencil to write down what we knew how to do. I raised my hand and said, “I know how to draw, what do I do? ”. And they said, “Draw something stupid! “. I drew a soldier and a tank and then they put me to draw to make the T-shirts for all the soldiers. They sold them to them .  

  What are your projects?   

Make 12 works for Boca and 12 for River, which will be a calendar. I want to travel Argentina with an itinerant show and leave in each province a work reflecting the own of each area .  

  What message would you give to Argentines through your work?   

It's a great country with very good people and we're not seeing it.

Work Andrew MarianiWork by Andrés MarianiAndrew MarianiAndrew Mariani

Work Andrew MarianiWork by Andrés MarianiAndrew MarianiAndrew Mariani

Publication Date: 17/11/2018

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