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13 poems to remember Alejandra Pizarnik

We remember the artist with 13 poems of her authorship.

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Flora Alejandra Pizarnik was born in Avellaneda on April 29, 1936, into a family of Russian immigrants who lost their original surname when settling in Argentina: before being Argentineans, the Pizarniks were the Pozharniks . He studied at the Escuela Normal Mixed in Avellaneda and was received in 1953. A year later he began studying Philosophy and Letters at the University of Buenos Aires, at the same time he began in the world of arts by the hand of surrealist painter Batlle Planas . In addition to painting he studied journalism, technique he would use to write reviews in different newspapers.

In 1955 he published his first book of poems: La tierra más exajena , by publishing house Botella al Mar. Five years later, with four books published, he moved to Paris . There he worked for the magazine “Cuadernos” and several French publishers, published poems and reviews in various newspapers, translated Antonin Artaud, Henri Michaux, Aimé Cesairé, and Yves Bonnefoy, and studied the history of religion and French literature in the Sorbonne. In those years he met Octavio Paz, Julio Cortázar and Ivonne Bordelois. He returned to Buenos Aires in 1964, met his friend Silvina Ocampo and published seven other works with poems, writings, surreal stories and even short novels. In 1971, he received the Fulbright Scholarship.


    Do not want white rolling
    on a movable plant.
    Don't want voices stealing arched aerial
    I don't want to live a thousand
    trifle oxygens crossed into the sky.
    I don't want to move my curve
    without waxing the current blade.
    Not wanting to beat
    the magnet, the espadrille frays.
    Not wanting to touch abstracts to
    get to my last brown hair.
    Not wanting to beat soft tails
    trees place leaves.
    Do not want to bring without chaos
    portable words.

  2.  Farewell 

    Kills his light an abandoned fire.
    A bird in love rises her singing.
    So many avid creatures in my silence
    and this little rain that accompanies me

  3. Naked
     Dawn dreaming a solar night.
    I've laid animal days.
    Wind and rain erased me
    like a fire, like a poem
    written on a wall.

  4.  Only a name 

    Alexandra Alexandra
    underneath me I
  5.  Nothing 

    The wind dies in my wound.
    The night I beg for my blood.

  6.  Fear 

    In the echo of my deaths there is
    still fear.
    Do you know about fear?
    I know the fear when I say my name.
    It's fear,
    fear in a black hat
    hiding rats in my blood,
    or fear with dead lip
    drinking my desires.
    Yeah. In the echo of my deaths there is
    still fear.

  7.  The lack 

    I don't know about birds, I
    don't know the history of fire.
    But I think my loneliness should have wings.

  8.  12 

    no more the sweet metamorphosis of a
    sleepwalking silk girl now on the mist ledge
    her awakening of hand breathing
    flower that opens to the wind
  9.  13 

    explain with words of this world
    that a ship left me with

  10.  15 I

    miss getting used to
    the time I was born.
    I miss not practicing any more newcomer

  11.  18 

    Like a poem aware
    of the silence of things
    you speak so as not to see me
  12.  The word that heals 

    Waiting for a world to be dug up by language, someone sings the place where silence is formed. Then he will see that there is not the sea because he is angry, nor the world. That's why every word says what it says and more and something else.

  13.  The last innocence to

    in body and soul

    to get rid of the eyes oppressive
    that sleep in the throat.

    I have to leave
    no more inertia under the sun,
    no more blood,
    no more line up to die.

    I have to leave

    But lash out, traveler!


Publication Date: 10/08/2020

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By: Mario 29 April, 2019

Un fantástico acercamiento a Alejandra Pizarnik, una buena selección de poemas que proyectan esa enorme sensibilidad de esta escritora Argentina.

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