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Argentines as tourists

As tourists, Argentines are technological, curious, daring and football fans. What makes us stand out?
As we are
Como turistas, los argentinos somos tecnológicos, curiosos, atrevidos y fanáticos del fútbol
| 07 September, 2019 |

Argentines like to travel a lot, that’s not new. But how are we as tourists? A probe on the platform describes how they see us on the outside. Some of the definitions: fast, technological, fanatical, curious and friendly.

According to, Argentine tourists stand out for being very technological when travelling. They use smartphones, Google Maps and special apps to locate themselves in new territories. In addition, the Argentine traveler is curious, outgoing, informed and innovative.

The Argentinian always stands out, even as a tourist. He usually stands out for his rebellious ideas, his inordinate curiosity and his ability to socialize even without knowing the language.

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