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Working on the beach, between waves and dolphins

The dream of many. Victoria fulfilled it. He received a veterinarian and went to work in Playa del Carmen. He changed the mountain for waves and dolphins

Argentines around the world
Trabajar en la playa, entre olas y delfines

Vicky Santucci is 30 years old.  For some years he has worked in Playa del Carmen  with marine mammals, asserting the veterinary title he obtained in his native Mendoza. Every day is different, no routine. He changed the mountains, the stones and the land for the beach, the sand and the waves. He changed the pumas of the Cordillera for the dolphins of the Caribbean.

Not well he finished high school in Mendoza, he started working. Feeling independent, as it is today in his new lifestyle. “I worked since the age of 18 in Mendoza in another area, at the same time I was doing college,” says Vicky through  a long questionnaire that, graciously, agreed to answer via Instagram.  He studied at Juan Agustín Maza University, where he was received in 2016. “And before receiving me, I worked my career as an assistant in some veterinary clinics. But as soon as I received, they offered me a job from Mexico and this is where I have worked as a received already.”

 Living where everyone is on vacation 

Pavada chose Vicky to live: “I live in Playa del Carmen, I chose Mexico because I came to an internship here, I had been told it was a nice country, friendly and also for sharing the same language. I came straight to Playa del Carmen because this is where they work most with   marine mammals   which is what I like,  and being here I realized that there are also many other Argentines living here.iacute;”

He specialized in something unusual in Mendoza. “Here I dedicate myself to marine mammal medicine, I  work in a chain of ecoturistic parks called Xcaret and yes, I enjoy it very much .” Mendoza highlights the fact of having left the routine proposed by her city. “ Going to work every day is a new challenge and there is not a day that looks like the previous  one and that makes you not fall into a routine so then you never get bored. holidays only think about de-stress and have fun, and that makes everyone can lead a fairly relaxing and comfortable pace of life.” 

 What is a work day like at Playa del Carmen? 

“During the work week,  you do running schedule as we call it, we enter 9 am and leave 5 pm ; in the middle we have lunch in a dining room and after 5 you have all the rest of the day for you and do whatever you want. The truth is that the mornings and evenings of work go very fast and when you want to remember it is almost time to start.  We have two days off or rest a week , in which you can stay at home all day doing nothing or go to the beach, to some roof top with  pool on the terrace , some tour they do in the area or a little further away and, if you want to tour, you can do it on the same day by going to different places in the Riviera Maya such as Cancun, Isla mujeres, Isla Holbox, Tulum, Bacalar, Mahahual, Akumal, Xpuha and so you could continue to name many more, all with beaches and ready to receive visitors,”  says Vicky, without fear of envy that may awaken in readers.

 Coronavirus in Mexico 

“Here in Mexico  there was never a mandatory quarantine, it was always a day of social distancing  so it was never really that Playa del Carmen stopped completely.  That period lasted about 3 months where there were not so many movements,  but already in June they began to open the parks again and from there there was a flow of people, tourists continued to arrive and today the truth is already seen an almost normal movement.”

However, the pandemic had its effect: “Where I work did affect the pandemic because it is a tourist city, but they always look for ways to reinvent themselves.  Particularly in my case the only thing that happened was that they reduced our salary a little to readjust and not have to throw people out, and out of that as I work with animals I never had to stop going to work because they consider us essential group, so I didn't really feel quarantine as if they touch them.oacute; stronger to other people.”

However, COVID-19 made her stay away from her family at a momentous moment. “The only thing that affected me is that my grandmother died in Mendoza during that period and I couldn't travel to say goodbye to the closed airports in Argentina.”

 Living abroad 

Today, how well installed is the idea of Argentines who want to emigrate, we talk to Victoria about it. “ The advantages of living abroad are clearly much more than the disadvantages.  How an advantage is that here you can really do things that were able to be in Argentina could not have done. How to travel many other countries, because here airfares are not expensive.  Having the   beach  always nearby is a plus too, because if you're tired or want to go for a drink with your friends, you're going to the beach for a while.” 

“Being in a tourist city also has the advantage that you are constantly meeting new people, from other cultures and learning a lot from other places that then serves as contact to get to know them.” In addition, the trajín of Buenos Aires or even his native Mendoza, is dull by the tranquility of the beach: “ The lifestyle here is also an advantage to be much more relaxed, people move by bike, walk quietly through some streets and that makes you live quiet and de-stressed. Knowing that there is no   inflation   is also an advantage, going to super it costs me exactly the same now that 4 years ago when I barely got there  . The proximity to other beautiful places along the Riviera Maya is also an advantage because you can go a leisure weekend anywhere and enjoy the truth very much.”

Practically to answer the question and not sound conceited, he mentioned some small and innocent disadvantages: “And as  disadvantages is that you clearly also miss your people and your  culture, although you know that you are still seeing them and going to visit, but there's a day to go.or specific dates where you would clearly like to be there with them and being out you have to bank it.”

Publication Date: 07/10/2020

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