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Women bikers gain ground

It is increasingly common to see bikers on large and powerful motorcycles. A Sunday walk that mutated around the world.
Argentines around the world
26 January, 2020

For some years now motorcycles have ceased to be just men’s thing. Women are encouraging themselves little by little and no longer only board these vehicles as companions, but they also do so as true riders or biketers. In fact, to such an extent their interest has come, they have created their own groups of friends to go out for a walk and have a good time. But even more ambitious is the world group that, for some time, has been around the world: Women Riders World Relay, which passed through Mendoza and left sensations .

“ It comes from Scotland and is born out of the need for clothing. A group of women noticed that there was no equipment for women and began with this idea, so that all the world see that there are many of us. So far we are 19 thousand motorcycle girls,” explains Cinthia Salinas, a biker local.

The tour is long, “it goes through different countries, 84 in total, on the 5 continents. In Mendoza we received it from Chile and took it to Uruguay. We literally moved a post, which is a stick that has GPS and marks you the number of kilometers and the country you are passing through . We have taken him to Uruguay in stretches. From the arch of Las Cuevas. Then we went north, Córdoba, Rosario, Gualeguaychú and Paisandú. And it will end next year in the Arab Emirates.”


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On the pages of Facebook and Instagram you can find this bold group of women biker with the phrase: “Wrwr Argentina”. By the way, Chinthia calls the collaboration: “Mendoza needs the collaboration of sponsors within motorcycling . While we have some, it’s very little. We have the presence of Dalila Hidalgo, who was in charge of making the stretch of Villavicencio-Uspallata. She’s a four-time champion nationwide . So there are important people to support.”

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