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With M from Micaela. From Monte Vera. From Milan?

Learn about the story of Micaela, the model of the Santafesino interior to which the coronavirus postponed his career in Milan.

Argentines around the world
Micaela Chetta

Without being catwalk specialists, most mortals can agree that Milan is the world  fashion capital. Many of the great Argentine models have triumphed in that Italian city. Micaela Chetta has not yet achieved it, exclusively because of the COVID-19  pandemic  .  In this note we tell you the story of Monte Vera's pride. 

Micaela was born in the city of Santa Fe, but grew up  in a small village located a few kilometers further north , called Monte Vera. Her close environment always knew that the girl liked fashion. Her memories of her little four years of age already find her parading for her family. “I also remember several relatives telling me I had to be a  model , who knew I always liked it, that  I was always the highest and could make the most of that ”, recalls Mica..

In 2008 he began training in a modeling school and in that same year he debuted on a catwalk in the City of Santa Fe. There he realized that “I never wanted to get off. It was my thing. So I kept training in the city and also in Paraná, trying hard.” She was still going to school and  had to drive herself by taking several collectives. 

As expected for any girl who wants to dedicate herself to this select world, the Santafesina  Pampita  , as many call it, must have settled in Buenos Aires City. “There I had to start that new stage from scratch, alone. The first thing was to work dependently and, in parallel, to follow my goal with perseverance, faith, dedication and effort.” Only in  this way were the castings, the participations in TV shows. Then, the covers of Argentine  magazines   , advertising, television commercials, parades, lookbooks, photo productions, among other works that were appearing.

 The most international in Monte Vera 

Micaela is considered an adventurous person.  Her ambition took her to the Asian continent , more specifically to Bangalore, a city in India. A Buenos Aires agency proposed to go to work for four months. “I certainly accepted. Living there and working so well made the Indian agency offer me to extend my visa. He worked with international brands and  performed a commercial with a leading role . Cherry for dessert: she was chosen as a live model of a workshop in Chennai, by photographer  Zack Arias . “It was the greatest experience. It changed me a lot, both at work, cultural and personal.”

At the end of 2019, he got the most important proposal of his career . A contract to go to work in Milan.  “ I accepted without hesitation, but the coronavirus prevented me from traveling  .” The proposal is still standing, “but they are not yet receiving international models, so it will be by the time we beat this pandemic.”

Chetta is currently in Santa Fe, visiting her beloved village. “I never forget where I come from.  It makes me very good to connect with the tranquility that characterizes Monte Vera , fill me with good energies and continue to travel and work about what I am passionate about.”

Mica leaves a message for all those people who don't know what to do in the face of life's difficult decisions: “Over these years, I have met people who, for various reasons, have not been able to fulfill their dreams. I tell them that nothing or anyone can or should stop what you are destined to be and what you choose to be.  There is no time to do, even at times, what you love to do in life . Because the happiness that those moments give you is unique, and we are in this life to be happy. Put your  wings on! You can!“.

Publication Date: 03/08/2020

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