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When nothing frustrates your dream

Can a personal longing be complemented by the future of your daily life and career? I know the story of a saint whose dream was to travel.

Argentines around the world

Cecilia Nieva always had the dream of traveling. From a very young age, I fantasized about getting to know other places. When he was not even ten years old, he told his parents that when he was older, he wanted to go to another country. “With the passage of time, excuses began to emerge that, for one reason or another, postponed my dream,” says this 28-year-old Santafesina accountant. During high school, the age of the turkey, he didn't want to get away long from his friends and “I kicked him for when he was in college.” When that time came, he began to investigate student exchanges, but did not close the proposal, because “theexchange makes you stay a whole semester in the same country, and I wanted to go around without having to meet something very fixed anywhere. And there I decided to leave the project until the end of the school, with more freedom.”

Ceci was received in 2018, he came out of Italian citizenship “and I ran out of excuses”. There he decided to buy a one-way ticket for Europe. But here came what could be the most important obstacle: she was a bride.The internal questions were many: what will happen to our relationship ?What am I going to do alone there?Will I be making a bad decision for my future?

Building a life project

“ Contrary to my fears, my boyfriend never opposed my dream. I knew that this is something that I had always wanted and that this moment had to come. It had occurred to me to take the short trip and come back, but it was he who said no, that I go without a hurry to live the experience I always dreamedof. That was the push I needed to finally leave.”

Ceci arrived in Spain alone and without plans. He did not have a roadmap or a plan of how many cities to go or which country to go next. Oh, nothing. “I just knew I wanted to do couchsurfing to save on accommodation.” That's how he was traveling for four months. “I traveled all over Spain, southern Portugal, much of Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and finally the Czech Republic.”

In that final destination, this film had a more than happy ending. Ceci's boyfriend, of Czech descent, traveled to that country where they met and currently live. In addition, already together, the adventure continued: “We decided to do a work away, which involves working a few hours a day in exchange for food and lodging. We were on a farm. We paint. We prepare firewood... It helped us to get to know this culture from the inside. Living a little the daily life of this country, very particular and different.”

Today, both begin new jobs in multinational companies . “We don't know if we'll stay here forever or if we'll come back. The family pulls. But we don't have anything very determined, just like my trip took place.”

Publication Date: 17/06/2020

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By: Antonio Edilio Brarda 17 June, 2020

Linda nota. El sueño de muchos jóvenes.

By: Cecilia Nieva 17 June, 2020

Gracias Julio por esta nota, si yo pude cumplir mi sueño, todos pueden. Sólo es cuestión de vencer miedos y prejuicios internos y externos. Saludos desde Praga :)

Por: Carlos Nieva 17 June, 2020

En respuesta a Cecilia Nieva

Muy linda la nota! Expresa muy bien los sueños de Cecilia pero quizá un dejo de nostalgia que no se cumplieron los sueños de una Argentina grande, que dé acogida a los jóvenes profesionales. Quizá puedan los que han partido, volver con ideas para una nueva sociedad, tan estable y con los valores de las buenas sociedades que han conocido en el mundo. Recursos humanos ni materiales nos faltan, quizá si héroes que lideren buscando el bien común. Dios los proteja y los guíe a tantos jóvenes que desde la distancia anhelan un destino de grandeza para nuestra Patria!

By: Vilma Magnago de nieva 17 June, 2020

Hola, les escribe Vilma, mamá de Cecilia, desconocía este reportaje y me emocioné mucho, gracias julio, has plasmado con mucho profesionalismo lo experimentado por Ceci, agrego que Ceci es la más pequeña de nuestra flia, ella vivía con mi esposo y conmigo cuando se embarcó, tenía mucho trabajo aquí porque siempre realizó trabajos diferentes, tanto como docente de comercio exterior y como hizo una carrera paralela a la de contador en el área de comercio exterior, trabajo y sigue trabajando en nuestra oficina, ahora en forma virtual. Los recursos para realizar el viaje fueron originados por ella a lo largo de su carrera universitaria Sus tres hermanos mayores, papá y mamá siempre la alentaron a cumplir con sus sueños, la extraño mucho pero la tecnología hace que estemos continuamente en comunicación. Estamos felices porque ella está feliz y decida lo que decida en el futuro siempre tendrá nuestro apoyo y bendición.

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