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“We want to go home”

Entrerriana Antonella Medina expects, in a hotel in Colombia, to be repatriated. We tell you the situation of the Argentines who want to come home.

Argentines around the world

They say that the Fatherland is not so much surprised as when you are away from it. Even more so if the possibility of returning home becomes an impossible mission. This is what the  entrerriana  Antonella Medina is experiencing, along with hundreds of Argentines  stranded  in Colombia. They want to return to their country, but they can't.

Antonella is 30 years old and was born in  Paraná .  The pandemic surprised her amid a  volunteer  she was doing in Colombia . With tears in his eyes, he related the dramatic situation in which he is.

On 1 January, the entrerriana had traveled to Barranquillas to work with  women  and children in   vulnerability. A job he was already doing in our country. At the end of her volunteering, she decided to go to Santa Marta until March 19 to get to know a place called La Guajira. Just as he was about to return, flights were suspended because of the pandemic. Today, she is staying at Rúa Hostel, next to two marplatenses she met in the city and who are also waiting  to return home .

 The Odyssey of Ulysses 

Antonella and the 500 Argentines in Colombia waiting to be repatriated to our country have a long way ahead.  The last flight he returned was on April 8, which left Bogotá . Even if there is the possibility of getting a plane, the Colombian capital is 900 kilometers from Santa Marta. “We are more than 20 hours from Bogotá. In addition, we need to get how to move to Bogotá because the transport is not working,” said entrerriana.

 Added to this difficult situation, the hotel where Antonella is staying was sold and is about to be evicted . The costs for renting in  times of pandemic  are very high. “Accommodations for fortnight are worth 9 thousand Argentine pesos, and we talk about a hostel with shared rooms with 16 people. Apartments are difficult to rent because the same people who rent don't want people to come from outside because they fear COVID-19,” said la paranaense.

Finally,  Argentines  in Colombia hope, with their fingers crossed, that the Government will help them return home. “The repatriation trip is 530 dollars, we don't mind paying it, but we want to be able to return,” said the young entrerriana.

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Publication Date: 07/05/2020

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