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“We get together when we do rock”

For 15 years, Aldo Vendrell has lived with his family in Valencia. We tell you how he made Spain his own land.

Historically, it was the Spaniards who first came to our lands to look for a better future. From the colonizers to the immigrants of the 20th century, they all left Spain to cross the Atlantic, pursuing “America”. They brought from everything from the Old Continent: language,  music , culture and much more. The issue changed completely following the 2001 crisis in Argentina. The trend moved in the opposite direction and thousands of Argentines left our country to Europe.

Aldo Pedro Vendrell is 45 years old. In 2004, times of “corralito”, he was established in Spain for the purpose of trying his luck.  He didn't carry much in his suitcase. Just the indispensable thing. For him it was the music and dance of our country .

What happens is that, before he settled in Europe, Vendrell had a life dedicated to  folklore . He was awarded the Revelation Award at the National Festival of the Litoral Music and the Arandú Prize. For eight years he was part of the missionary delegation at the Cosquín National Folklore Festival.

“We arrived fifteen years ago, we met people from different parts of Argentina and put together a music group,” said the missionary.  In Valencia, together with his wife, they created the Argentine and Latin American popular music group “ Che paisano ” . The musical ensemble embraces every Argentine who is on the loose in the Iberian Peninsula. “We made clubs with Raly Barrionuevo, Juan Carlos Carabajal, and other artists who toured Spain,” added Vendrell.

 A hobby that is identity 

Aldo admitted that music is not his main source of income. “We can't live on this. It's like a hobby. Everyone, both my wife and I, have our particular job, and  we do this in our spare time ,” he explained. Posadeño's work experience began as a lighting technician and assembly of the “Gamma Live” orchestra, from Soneja-Castellón. Then he became an operator of a water treatment plant, and that's what he was dedicated nine years ago.

When asked if he feels the distance from his home land, he answers no. “There are many Argentines here.  We get together when we do clubs ,” says Vendrell. “Meeting people from your land and doing the same thing you help you get along. The language also helps a lot. Besides, he always paints a little asadito. That's not missing. Mate and roast are always there.”

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