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Valeria, a salteña that exports culture to Mallorca

Valeria Velastiqui is a Salta who emigrated to Spain. Already established and with work, it brings Argentine and especially Salteños touches to the island.

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 Valeria Velastiqui  's road began with a proposal that he did not take seriously. Her husband proposed to go live in   Mallorca  , she agreed with the certainty that that would never happen. Almost imperceptibly, from one moment to another Salta Velastiqui was already with her partner established in Mallorca and working as an engineer in Systems.

A new country involves leaving  Argentina's cultures and customs behind. Something that for Valeria's family was not a problem, as there is a large community of Argentines in  Spain . What highlights the salteña engineer is that keeping some customs is expensive: “Every day I take my  mate , at home and at work, but yerba comes out 7 euros,” she said. He added that the Spaniards stand out the Argentine  asado  , but they do not have cuts like the void. But everything is solved once you find  butcher shops  run by Argentines or Uruguayans.

Her work is good, she is recognized by her peers, and her standard of living creates peace of mind for her, her husband and daughter Mika. Mallorca is a paradise island and is a place very visited by all Europeans.


Integration is not easy in any country in the world. The Mallorcan are closed, but they have a very large community of foreigners. In her home Salta Valeria has Russians, English and Germans as neighbors. Your daughter will learn Majorcan yes or yes, as it is the language they use in school. The salteña tells that the aid is legally on the island. The most inconveniences are African immigrants who enter  Mallorca illegally.

An important point is that Spanish culture has always recognized  talent , the ultimate expression of this is  Lionel Messi . But it is applicable to any profession. And the training she has received at the  National Technological University   of Tucumán  gave the young woman the necessary tools.

 Salta culture of export 

The export of Argentine culture was not only in the mate and the asado. Food with  dulce de leche is offered at their parties, a product that makes anyone crazy. The  salteñas empanadas  could not miss and will have their place on the Spanish island.

 The future of the Velestaqui family 

Achieving that standard of living is not easy, Velestaqui strange  Aguaray  his people, but by his daughter understands that his future will continue in  Europe . The island is so paradisiacal that they do not need to go on vacation, every weekend they tour the island in search of new beaches. But they don't like the cold, when it's coming, all three will depart for the Caribbean.

Argentina is present in the heart of Valeria: “My country always treated me well and cared for me.” If there is something that appreciates and highlights was the possibility of having trained in  a public university . Today the cultural conformation of Velestaqui is multicultural, since it is Salteña, but with a strong Tucuman, Porteña and now Mallorcan influence.

Publication Date: 11/11/2019

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By: Foly Romero 12 November, 2019

La vida en Mallorca......un sueño echo realidad.....mi Familia ....los amo.

By: Gloria Ortiz 12 November, 2019

En respuesta a

Desde Aguaray saludos para Valeria y su familia.

By: Patricia Villafañe 12 November, 2019

En respuesta a

Gua,gua ,gua que bien me saco el sombrero chinita, besos desde aguatacity

By: Horacio Romero 12 November, 2019

Que grande prima!! Igual pusieron mal tu nombre . Verónica Velastiqui un gran abrazo y genial es nunca olvidar los orígenes. Eso es igual a identidad la cual mucha gente carece. Abrazos a Hernán y Mika .

By: Adriana 12 November, 2019

En respuesta a

Mi Gordi, como yo te llamo. Feliz y orgullosa de tus logros. Bueno pusieron mal tu nombre, perra esa foto lo dice todo. Cintia Verónica Velastiqui. Besos desde Salta la linda.

By: Nati 12 November, 2019

Que orgullosa estoy de vos prima... un ejemplo a seguir... te mandamos mucho cariño y anhelo muchísimo conocer a Mika. Mi mami también debe estar muy orgullosa de vos. Abrazos

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