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Cadena 3 and RCR Barcelona tell us stories about Argentines around the world

Start “The Biggest Chain” with the stories behind our listeners around the world.

Argentines around the world
Radio La Cadena más Grande

Begins a new program led by  Adrián Cragnolini :  “La Cadena Larger” . It will depart at 7 am Argentina time and at 11 am Spain time, by all Cadena 3 stations in Argentina and from RCR Barcelona to the world by FM and internet.

 Adrián Cragnolini will present us a space where to know the voices of all those Argentines who listen to us from different points of the planet. For the first time in history, an Argentinean program by  Cadena 3 will be broadcast on an Argentine radio station in Spain:  RCR Metro Barcelona , a station with Alma Argenta, founded by Rudolf Helmbrecht, an Argentinean of Cordovan origin, as  Cadena 3 . The coincidence is a sign that, in the expansion, there is reintegration. Today Argentina is no longer just the homeland, but the Alma Matria that goes with every child who migrates and longs for it. Thus, the Soul is the pearl of the scattered necklace, or the valuable  link of our chain, ever larger .

The concept of the programme

 Cadena 3 Argentina presents “La Cadena más Grande” , a space to get to know the voices of all our listeners who live in other countries. It will be possible to listen every Sunday from 7 to 8 am (argentinian time) throughout our network of broadcasters in the country; it will also be broadcast in Barcelona by air and around the world via the internet via the  107.3 FM frequency of  RCR Metro Barcelona .

The new program will be hosted by  Adrián Cragnolini from Madrid, Spain, and will be accompanied by the unmistakable voice of  Susana Buontempo from Cordoba, Argentina. The team is completed with the production of  Juan Bernaus , the technical operation of  Cacho Oviedo and the artistic by  Fernando Zavala .

The spirit of  “La Cadena más Grande” is to unite all Argentines who are scattered around the world and through interviews with listeners living in different countries, to know what is it like to live in that country? What does it feel to build a life away from our homeland? Can we sustain our traditions in a new culture? What is the routine of your city like? How did those who left the family adapt but also how did those who stayed from the family live it?

Cadena 3 is the most federal Radio and aims to unite all the links that make up our audience and make their voices known to tell the experience of living as Argentines abroad.

Extra data

The broadcast of  “La Cadena más Grande” will be a milestone on the national radio, as it will be the first program with a regular and permanent frequency whose driver resides outside Argentina. An achievement that technological advances and the strategic vision of  Cadena 3 and  RCR Metro Barcelona have made possible. This is the first time we will do a program where all the prominence will be our listeners.

This space was motivated by  Cadena 3 listeners who, from different places around the world, communicated with our Correspondent in Spain to create a podcast segment on the platform  “Voices de la Radio” with  Guillermo Hemmerling . That has triggered the interest of knowing the story behind all those who listen to us outside our country.

And, for its part, the incipient existence of  RCR Metro Barcelona , which aims to accompany Argentine compatriots who choose Barcelona as a landing point (or take-off, as they wish to interpret it). Life itself is a great transition, made of smaller ones in every place we inhabit. There are many ways to care for the body, the space, but few to take care of the essence, and that is the target of RCR Metro Barcelona, and hence its slogan:  “La Emisora con Alma Argenta” .

In phrases by  William Hemmerling 

The Largest Chain

“ It all started with a dream that today comes true. It was a crazy idea for  Adrián Cragnolini to prove that we are the biggest chain telling the story of the listeners who are our 'links' in different parts of the planet.”

“ Today technology allows us to be connected easily, but Radio has a more human side that allows us to meet with people that otherwise we would never know anything.”


Publication Date: 07/03/2021

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