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Travel 50: Retire, Travel, Travel and Travel

We tell you about the project of these fifties who bet on the dream of their lives, making the project Travel 50 a reality.

Argentines around the world
Liliana y José

This  couple of Cordoba  left everything. At the  age of 50  , they realized that they were still in time to fulfill the  outstanding dream  that would not let them sleep. Stripped of stereotypes, with a young and adventurous soul, they made the decision. Travelling around the world, starting with Latin America was going to  be the project  of the rest of their lives. So it was that  Viaja 50 was born,  the project that shares all the destinations of these travelers on networks.

Liliana and José, along with the Amarok that moves them everywhere. Those are the ingredients that were needed to  make Travel 50 reality.  They even made a logo and a Facebook. The play on words that represent them is   “travel without account”  . Crossing borders, meeting people, sharing moments, this couple never stop adding adventures.  His day to day  is a constant revelation, in which all his followers participate.

 More than a walk 

Leaving all the stereotypes and mandates aside, these fifties  took off to travel.  They had already formed a family, they only needed to give birth to a journey that filled them with  new experiences.  That's why they dedicated themselves to raising their children first. For a long time, they devoted themselves to the  organization of this new life . They decided what their tours would be like and how they would travel.  They never settled for the role of tourists  touring the most famous places with tours. They were always driven by curiosity and hunger  to know cultures from within.  To turn every destination into a home. Therefore, they decided to do a year (or more) sabbatical, which would allow them to enjoy more than a fortnight in each  destination . That would enable the experience of forming links with the inhabitants of each place.  A year that gives them the possibility of being plurinational.  

Travel 50 became the  dream  of many and the reality of Liliana and Joseph. Would you cheer up?

Publication Date: 11/09/2020

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